Enlightenment Does Not Come through Passive Consumption!

Guided meditations and imagery can be very helpful: You sit or lie down and let yourself be guided by a (hopefully pleasant) voice. The gentle voice of the speaker helps to maintain concentration. When your own thoughts or images sometimes “drift away” for a short time, the voice will help you returning to the action.

In my German publishing company start2dream.de I have published more than 100 imagery journeys and guided meditations in the form of MP3 downloads, audio CDs, books and apps and have been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people. Many people appreciate this simple form of relaxation and spiritual practice.

But there is a catch: if you let yourself be guided by another person for your spiritual practice, then you can not develop personal responsibility for your spiritual path. In addition, of course, your inner freedom to intuitively adapt the exercises to your own ideas is greatly reduced. If the speaker directs you to the idea of ​​a little pink elephant in your bedroom, it’s hard to imagine a blue-and-yellow frog on a colorful flower meadow instead. ?

While developing the free H&C instructional videos, it seemed natural to me to create them in a way so that you can follow them live and join in the exercises.

But then I realized: I want to get the users of this wonderful energetic healing technique out of the “passive consumption” and purely in the active self-responsibility! This became a very important aspect when planning the course.

In this way, when learning and practicing the Healer and Creator technique, you can focus on your own inner awareness. And if you have the intuitive intuition to customize the exercises for your purposes, then you can do that anytime, because then there is no voice that just tells you otherwise.

This is even the best way to practice H&C: Learn the basic H&C technique for free – consisting of the H&C Energy Flow Exercise and the H&C Energy Sphere Exercise. Once you have understood and internalized this technique, you can use it to develop your own applications for your personal goals.

Of course, if you want help with that, or you just lack creativity, you’re welcome to learn the 55 add-on applications and get to know and try a variety of practical uses for the H&C technique. With this knowledge, it will then be easier for you to tailor some of the applications to your specific needs or to create entirely new H&C applications.

What you’re learning is worth gold: By adapting the H&C applications to your own purposes you train your intuition. You craft the exercises the way you need them best. Because no one should tell you how to do a spiritual or energetic exercise.

Of course there are some empirical values and experiences from me and the other H&C users – but as a human being you are unique and if your intuitive voice advises you to do something different then you should also trust and follow that voice.

Perhaps it is also a symbol of our time: we no longer need gurus or spiritual initiations in rigid exercise systems. We learn the basics of an energetic technique and then use it independently and on our own responsibility. And the more we do that, the better and safer we become in this process.

You are a healer and you are a creator! So heal and create – it’s that simple. ?


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