Let’s Heal our Chakras: 6. Third Eye Chakra

Position: between the eyebrows (one fingerbreadth higher)
Colour: indigo-blue
Name in Sanskrit: Ajna (“perceive” or “beyond wisdom”)
Topics: Intuition, foresight, imagination, connectedness, wisdom, inner calmness, perception of subtle energies, decision-making
Negative Topics: Hallucinations, mental fog, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, indecision

The third eye chakra is your connection between your subtle energies and your consciousness – between the outside world and the mind.

When your third eye vibrates in harmony, then you can easily feel in tune with this physical world while looking behind the facade and recognizing the grand illusion of the world.

You are then part of this dualistic world, but you are not bound to it. You feel a deep inner truth that your mind will never quite understand and that can not be adequately explained in words. Using your intuitive and imaginative perception just as you use your physical senses, you experience a more complete picture of your world around you.

With a balanced third eye you know what you want in life and how you get there. You can make your decisions from a balanced place of inner peace.

Your dreams are probably vibrant and colorful, you may even have lucid dreams (if you realize in your dream that you are dreaming) and you can usually remember well one or even more dreams in the morning.

Is your third eye underdeveloped or blocked?

In our world, with all its distractions and temptations, it can sometimes be hard to fully live up to our intuitive side. That’s why most people are more likely to have an underdeveloped or blocked third eye chakra.

Do you sometimes have trouble understanding the interconnectedness of the world and your place in it? Do you find that experiencing your inner world is too far removed from your perception of the physical world around you? Can you not always apply your intuitive sensations in your life as desired or do you sometimes just fail to listen when your inner voice wants to tell you something important?

With a blocked third eye chakra, you quickly lose sight of the bigger vision behind your life and your actions because you are too busy with the daily problems.

Your third eye is connected to the pineal and pituitary glands. From there, important neurological functions are controlled: Your melatonin level is responsible for regulating your biorhythm, especially for your sleeping and waking times. In addition, these glands are important for fighting infections and maintaining a balanced metabolic function. If you have problems with these topics, it could also be due to a blocked third eye chakra.

Frequent migraines or other headaches, sinus infections or problems with your vision can be further physical symptoms of a blocked third eye. Some people often suffer from difficulty concentrating due to a “mental fog”. Others have many nightmares. Also, excessive skepticism and a premature judgement of others may have something to do with the third eye chakra.

Other signs of a blocked third eye can be problems of letting go of the past or being too afraid of the future.

And if your third eye is overactive?

Even an overactive third eye can lead to problems. Sometimes it’s just the constant flow of thoughts that makes you tired in the long run.

Other people have problems distinguishing the inner images from the outer ones. Their fantasies then seem more real to them than the images of the outer world, which can further increase to hallucinations, which in turn can lead to fears and paranoia.

Or do you have difficulties making even simple decisions? This inner indecision, for example, can be triggered by a cloudy judgment or lack of concentration, both signs of a third eye that has become unbalanced.

People with an overactive third eye often spend a lot of time in mental activities such as tarot card reading, fantasy worlds or paranormal experiences. In an overactive third eye chakra, however, these activities can be overwhelming, so that there is a danger of losing contact with the outside world.

With an overactive third eye, many do not feel properly grounded, they walk in a dream world between inner and outer worlds, may be bombarded by an endless stream of visions and fantasies or just unmanageably many nonsensical information.

The cleaning and healing of the third eye

Meditation is a wonderful way to bring harmony to your third eye chakra. Concentrate on your third eye while meditating or just while sitting silently in nature. If you like, you can imagine “breathing” through your third eye.

Experience many peaceful times in silence and harmony while listening inside of yourself. With that, you also develop your intuition, which is disturbed by too much information, constant occupation and other distractions of the outside world.

For an underdeveloped third eye, it can be very helpful to spend some time actively working with your dreams. Maybe you would like to get yourself a dream diary to regularly write down your dreams in the morning, perhaps also your perceived feelings and insights? You may also want to learn and practice the various techniques for lucid dreaming.

You can train your imagination with listening to guided imagery journeys. And the tarot cards already mentioned can be a good exercise for developing your intuitive abilities.

If you have trouble calming the constantly chattering rational mind, then find a way to live your creativity. Find a form of art where you can shut down completely and simply “be” – without mental and judgmental chatter, and possibly without any intended results.

Use your imagination and creativity to actively change your life, to shape it the way you need it for your best development!

With an overdeveloped third eye chakra, you could be looking for activities that will ground you better: gardening, (barefoot?) walks, sports and a healthy and wholesome diet without industrial products can be extremely helpful here.

Even pure essential oils (please no perfume oils!) can harmonize your third eye chakra. Try to rub a drop of marjoram, frankincense, juniper, rosemary, sage, or sandalwood right on your third eye. If the smell is too intense or your skin reacts to the oil, first dilute the drop of essential oil with a few drops of olive oil.

If you enjoy working with crystals, you can use amethyst, lapis lazuli, moonstone, or quartz to purify your third eye of negative energies and restore a healthy flow of energy.

And do not forget the color dark (indigo) blue: Surround yourself with this through your clothes or in your apartment. Or eat eggplants, plums or blueberries for a while.

And like the other chakras, a direct energetic cleansing and healing of your third eye works very effectively – for example with Reiki, sound therapy, acupuncture or acupressure or the Healer and Creator (H&C) technique developed by me.


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