Fallen angels

I have stumbled across the term somewhere several times, but I had never really understood the concept until now. Thanks to some intuitive insights and conversations with friends, I could now understand how a so-called fallen angel might feel:

  • They are not from here, so sometimes they find it difficult to feel safe. They come from higher spheres of consciousness (we often call them “heavens”), and they have tried to adapt over time, out of love for man, so that they can be with us now during the Great Change. Because they are not able to fully embrace materiality even after sometimes hundreds of incarnated years, they often feel more fearful by nature in our world than most other humans.
  • Fallen angels are often considerably more addicted than other people. The materiality of any addiction has a very seductive effect, especially because an angelic soul has not slowly waded through the gross materiality, becoming more and more sensitive, then the colors of the addiction appear more brightly than to other people.
  • Fallen angels sometimes tend to move from one extreme to the next and find it difficult to strike the right balance.
  • Many fallen angels like to travel from place to place, some never stay anywhere for long so as not to have to commit themselves somewhere in materiality. Others just love to be always on the move, comparable to the mystical unicorns they don’t let themselves be captured.
  • Fallen angels seem “virginal” throughout their lives. They radiate an inner purity and have this golden glow of being eternally young, they mature and grow, but if they manage to always keep their heart wide open, they never really seem “older”.
  • Fallen angels often have a very precise idea of a god or goddess, or something on a similar level of imagination, only expressed in different words. This basic feeling is completely independent of whether they are particularly religious or spiritual people. It is simply there. They know the oneness of All That Is.
  • Many fallen angels close themselves very quickly, whether from injuries or for different reasons. Once closed, it is often difficult for them to open up again.
  • Since fallen angels had to learn everything practical in a particularly laborious way, so to speak, coming “backwards” from heaven, they have a lot of willpower, which they have trained over time on their way into materiality.
  • Some develop a strong “I-can-do-that-alone” ambition. But they may also learn to accept help and always remain open. The will does not have to decide alone.
  • Many fallen angels have a strong need for closeness, but some suppress it and are especially cautious. Many have problems to find a balanced and fulfilling sexual partnership. They feel particularly quickly exploited and borderline violated and therefore deliberately hold back.
  • Most fallen angels love their loneliness, which they have learned to celebrate, they do not like to adapt to another person, they would rather remain free and for themselves. At least every fallen angel knows this wish inside, because they come from the “loneliness” of the center of their personal universe, from the All-What-Is-Heaven, there is no I and no you any more. But they also incarnate to find their way out of loneliness, which is not always easy for them.
  • Some fallen angels seek the close company of an “ascending master” who is growing from the other direction. Often together they form the perfect team, and it guarantees both the greatest potential love and growth opportunities.
  • Many fallen angels have particularly great difficulty in forgiving the Yang. But they are not alone in this, other people have this now too.
  • Some fallen angels have densified down to the third dimension because they have become too proud. In the difficulties of materiality and in their constant giving, they find their humility. Others have come to us out of pure love, which they want to give to as many humans as possible.
  • All fallen angels have one thing in common: they are great natural healers. They heal with their presence and their touch.
  • Fallen angels need not be surprised if the astral colors of their aura and their natural healing capabilities might attract many sensitive people, often of the other polarity. We wish them that they are the right ones, the especially conscious and especially loving ones. And that no one will take advantage of them because of their mystical inner power blazing in them.

Maybe it will surprise you. There are millions of them. They are all here, now in this time, with us and for us. Let’s celebrate together, in love and connection.

We may speculate: Are angels considered fallen when they have condensed down? Or does it need first the complete forgetting about the own angelic connection, the suppression of the own light- and loving angelic powers? Is a fallen one therefore an unconscious angel in a world of gaia humans (“Gaias”?) ?

This text was inspired, among others, by the song We will rise again by Peia Luzzi:


How many times have we circled this fire,
A prayer upon our lips?
How many times have we gone to the waters edge
To give thanks for these gifts?

And we will rise again,
We will rise again.
My people will rise again,
We’ll rise.

So many times I’ve looked out across
The ocean, wondered what is it all for?
So many times I’ve raised my hands to the
Sky, I’ve prayed for more. And that we will
Rise again,
We will rise again.
Earth’s people will rise again,
Oh, we’ll rise.

And there is no time.
And yet in the end, all will be restored in wholeness my friends.

And we will rise again,
We will rise again.
Earth’s people will rise again,
We’ll rise.


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