Darkroom Experiences

Although as a child I already intuitively sometimes spent time in complete darkness, I knew quite little about the subject and first had to read up on it from Mantak Chia and the few other book sources.

I was astonished when I learned that it is an ancient spiritual high technology, which people of all cultures used to practice, e.g. at the famous oracle in Delphi, in the pyramids, in the so-called stone tombs of the Celts, in the Chullpas in South America, and actually everywhere… Unfortunately, the knowledge about it was kept secret for a long time or fell into oblivion.

And then came the movie industry and taught us to be afraid of the dark. Almost every child programmed by the television believed that the dark was something evil to be afraid of.

But already after my first hour in a dark room I felt that the opposite is true: darkness is sacred and inwardly deeply healing. We get in touch with the primordial feminine energy, and in a natural cave, with Mother Gaia at the same time. It feels beautiful.

In a darkroom you experience how it feels to not have any distractions. You feel just you and… your feelings, your thoughts, your being. Nothing else matters anymore. You can sing, dance, meditate, love yourself. You have time for inner reflection, for spiritual and energetic exercises. There is only the NOW. The dream journeys become more intense and truly multidimensional. At some point, the images projected into the darkness and your experience of the world blend together.

If you eat healthy and your pineal gland is sufficiently decalcified, after several days in complete darkness you might produce DMT, the so-called God molecule. You can experience deep inner processes reminiscent of ayahuasca ceremonies, only everything is much gentler and comes and goes in waves.

Many see their Inner Light after a few days in the dark. For me, this was and is one of the most beautiful experiences of life. My heart opened wider than ever before. I knew: THIS is me. This light that shines “in front of” me and within me at the same time. So beautiful! From this grew in me a deep self-love, which I continue to discover step by step.

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