Find your inner energetic balance

This symbol with the cross in a circle was not only known to the Celts. The Knights Templar also used a red cross on a white background as their emblem.

The Knights Templar were not only feared fighters, but it is said that their order also had the spiritual knowledge of the Holy Grail.

It is also reported that they knew metaphysics well, they knew a lot about our chakras, the four elementary powers, and also about the necessary balance between yin and yang, our inner male and female parts.

The Christian churches also use the power of the elemental forces in many of their rituals.

Let’s take holy water, for example. Water stands for Yin, the originally feminine, for restoration and integration, and is also a symbol for Mother Earth and for everything created.

Only with the Holy Spirit ordinary water becomes holy water, so there is added the Yang, the divine plan of consciousness, fire and air, inspiration and transformation.

In the holy water of the church, the elementary opposites combine to form a holy sacrament.

The cross is a symbol for the four polarities of the elements. Mother Earth (below) and Father in Heaven (above), restoring water (left) and transforming fire (right), they all come together in the cross.

The cross also shows us that we can bring these powers into inner harmony.

For example, what do you do if you have too much anger, aggression, control addiction, jealousy or other fiery qualities?

These energies can be converted using the four elementary forces.

You can work with fire and transform your energies in more constructive directions of the fire element, for example in passionate courage.

Or, you can balance the fiery energies with the positive water properties, for example with love, trust, freedom and cooperation.

Maybe, you just need more inspiration (air element) or you learn how to better integrate your supposedly negative energies into your interior (earth).

Sometimes it is a combination of several elements that helps you to find yourself in the middle.

Healing and harmonizing the inner parts is often referred to as spiritual alchemy.

Heaven and earth, left and right, logic and love

You can also see the cross like this: Anyone who can experience both his inner Yin and Yang components and who experiences the inner spiritual marriage of heaven (spirit) and earth (creation) in himself will sooner or later find enlightenment.

The Celts and Druids used chalice and sword, or sun and moon, to express the Yin-Yang polarity.

In addition to the Celtic cross, they also have the famous Tree of Life, in which the upper and lower worlds, day and night, sun and moon, fire and water are combined.

The balance between the top and the bottom is also important when harmonizing our chakras.

Many people mainly use the powers of their lower chakras in their everyday life. That is why many pranayama and other yogic techniques concentrate on getting the energies from below to the heart center and further up to the third eye.

Many then think that the upper chakras are somehow more “spiritual” than the lower ones. But in reality all chakras are of equal importance, and sooner or later we all have to harmonize them on the way to ourselves.

The Tree of Life can also be compared to the shape of a human being. Inside, there is always a left and a right and an up and down that wants to be brought into harmony.

Our logic and determination (Yang) and our love and intuition (Yin). Two halves that complement each other.

Our closeness to the earth and our connection to the Holy Spirit (if I may call it that as a non-Christian) result in two more halves that strive for unity.

The Healer & Creator logo also symbolically shows the tree of life.

The Healer & Creator Energy Flow Exercise makes a perfect cycle: When you breathe in, the energies from the lower chakras are pulled upwards, when you breathe out, they are integrated into our energy field and led back down to close the circle.

Due to the perfect symmetry of this simple technique, we harmonize with it all imbalances between our yin and yang components, our left and our right, our up and our down.

Crises force us to act

We learn at the latest in times of crisis how important inner harmony with ourselves is. Sometimes, we just need a powerful shake up to show us what is really important.

We have become an unbalanced society. We have an unbalanced economic system in which 1% have as much money and power as 99% of humanity.

What we urgently need now is to get out of this system of imbalance and to find our inner values, our inner center.

Because deep down, there is a place that is in perfect harmony and balance.

From this inner center, we find access to our Higher Self, which is perfect and divine.

And if we change our world from the inside, sooner or later this will also reflect our material world on the outside: As above, so below; like inside, so outside; like the mind, like the body (hermetic law of analogy).


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