Gratitude bowl to let go, answer wishes and questions

Rituals can have a very strong and very healing effect if you simulate an inner process through an external action.

Above all, the intention during the ritual experience is crucial. If you only memorize the external movements or certain words of a ritual and then routinely reel off, you will not be able to move any energies and therefore not achieve any changes.

It is important to go through the process of a ritual step by step, deep inside yourself, with your heart and soul, and to experience every moment very intensely in the here and now. With this, you practice energetic magic, and you will be able to experience deep inner healing!

Sometimes you just want to be able to let go of something that depresses you.

This can be a negative experience from the recent past, or, for example, a dark shadow side that you have just discovered in yourself, for which you may reproach yourself or that would otherwise like to be resolved.

Letting go is practiced self-love. Because psychological stress, regardless of its nature, is not exactly beneficial for your development, it can even make you ill in the long run.

With the help of a gratitude bowl, you can support the inner letting go of a topic with an outer action. Perhaps you have already experienced this ritual in a similar way, because it is very popular at seminars, fire ceremonies and other events. With a gratitude bowl you bring the healing effects of this ritual into your living room.

Your bowl is best made of clay, ceramic or a metal and has a diameter of approx. 10-15 centimeters. If you give your gratitude bowl a place of honor on your altar (and only use it for this one purpose), the effectiveness of this important tool can be further increased.

If you have something to let go, write a suitable word on a small paper of approx. 6 x 6 cm. It can be a symbolic word or a sign, anything that reminds you of your inner topic.

The note is then folded twice and held in front of the heart center with both hands for a moment. You can close your eyes and think again intensely about what you are now ready to let go.

When you are really ready to let go, take a lighter and, carefully over the gratitude bowl, set fire to the paper. The bowl becomes a symbol for the receiving universe.

When you watch how the paper slowly burns, you give your topic to the fire, that is, into the hands of the universe. If you want, you can now ask the elemental spirit of fire or your own Higher Self to accept the topic so that you can gratefully let go of it.

In a similar way, wishes for the universe can be put in the gratitude bowl. To do this, write the request or a symbolic symbol for your personal wish on a piece of paper, hold the note in front of your heart chakra for an intimate moment and then give it to the flames “for further processing”.

Or maybe someone wants to have an answer for an important decision question in his life and needs a symbolic sign? Here, too, you write a suitable word (perhaps with a question mark behind it?) on a piece of paper. For a moment, feel deeply into the question and then sacrifice this gift to the fire (gladly also to the “angels of fire” or whatever you decide to believe in).

The ashes of the burnt pieces of paper can later be put into the wind, for example, to include another element of nature in the ritual. And if you then rinse your bowl with water, you also include the last missing element, because the paper stands for the element earth.

As always, my words should only be understood as suggestions. Perhaps you intuitively have a completely different picture of how you want to do these rituals of letting go, wishing and asking. The most important thing is that you can feel as deeply as possible on the inside, everything else is always just symbolism and external reflection.

An answer to this ritual can often come after a few hours. But it will definitely come when the time is right.


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