The connection between the subconscious and the energy body – and how you can use it

Millions and millions of audiovisual memories and feelings are stored in your subconscious. New elements are added every day. Some of them may stay with you here on earth for the rest of your life, others will be changed and adapted after just a few days – because the memory of your subconsciousness is flexible and very changeable.

Your subconscious has saved all the details from the day you started school. Or of this actually long-forgotten TV series that you watched several years ago, especially the shocking and stirring moments.

There is an entry about the feeling from the moment you were in love for the first time. And unfortunately, the feeling of every major and minor trauma experienced in your life is stored here, as well!

This gigantic memory is not to be found in your head. You can think of it as a kind of consciousness cloud that surrounds you.

The storage cloud of your personal subconscious is floating around your physical body, and it is always open to new connections with other clouds of consciousness, for example from other people, or with the collective unconscious of your city, your country or even all humanity.

This subconscious storage cloud is quite well connected to your chakras and your energy body. And a lot of information flows here: Your unconscious forms the composition of your energy body, it determines the colors and shades in your aura, and even shapes your current mood.

If you often feel tired and listless, it may have something to do with certain harmful parts of your subconscious. The other way around, a particularly lightful unconscious can also give you a lot of strength and energy.

One more reason why we should proactively take care of our thought and feeling hygiene – because everything we think and feel during the day naturally has a great impact on our subconscious (and thus in turn on our future) and on our energy body (and thus on our current constitution).

Did you know that your television is actually a very sophisticated hypnosis machine? You sit down in front of it and let the flickering images and sounds drizzle on you. And while you relax, your subconscious is sooooo wide open for everything that is being shown to you.

Whether you watch a film with murder and manslaughter in the evening or the daily dose of negative news: it is definitely not healthy for your unconscious! And of course, your television consumption also has a big impact on your chakras and your energy body.

By practicing Healer & Creator regularly, you energize and harmonize your energy body – and thus also influence your cloud of consciousness, especially your subconscious.

The more light and energy you bring to your energy body, the lighter your subconscious gradually becomes. That is why most people experience significant improvements in their lives with Healer & Creator.

This information only remains a meaningless and useless statement by “somehow a guy from the Internet” until you try it out yourself and experience it yourself. ?


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