Let go of the old, burdensome emotional energies!

In 5D consciousness, all perspectives are equally correct in the end. By consciously choosing the perspectives that bring me to growth and healing, I gain great power over my multiverse.

For example, I am free to decide at any time whether I want to feel manipulated, bad and powerless after a supposedly “negative” experience – or whether I prefer another, equally and just as true perspective.

A sorrowful perspective is just as true as the perhaps also perceptible gratitude, because I was able to learn so much from an experience and develop so many new things. I just have to dare to be able to perceive the other perspective as well. To do this, I must be able to forgive myself and others.

How to resolve traumas from the past

If you want to let go of the emotional pain associated with the stressful memory, invent a new beautiful ending from an “old story” and observe what this changes in you.

By this I do not mean that we should lie to ourselves. But with creativity and your will you build your view of things, and this determines what you will experience in the future. If you go to therapy for years because of a past experience, then you reaffirm it over and over again, so that it remains further and further in your energy field. It is then very difficult to let go.

It is not always important which perspective is “more correct”, but sometimes it depends on what we want to install firmly in our world view and carry around with us in everyday life.

I let go of certain thoughts, feelings, or perspectives (sometimes after careful consideration) when I know I would only “infect” myself with them and move into a downward spiral.

Some thoughts, feelings or perspectives tempt me to look for distraction or to lose myself in symptom fighting. As long as I do not get out of this image, I am manipulated by it and cannot follow my highest growth possibilities.

So I look for another story, which also fits, which is also logically explainable (my head is always very critical there!), which feels good and right and brings me into my power and full strength at this moment. On heart level I can decide how good and right such a new perspective feels for me.

Even if there continue to be difficult or hurtful experiences, in my worldview I am always focused on where I am growing to, not on the side that wants to distract me from it.

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