New togetherness

Our heart chakra brings us together, it is our center through which we can breathe together.

A motto, an intention or an open question gives further orientation for a mutual gathering.

If we bring some healthy, conscious food, we have something to share. Not necessarily the artificial cardboard crackers from the supermarket… but rather the consciously and lovingly cut carrot sticks or homemade hummus or dip.

Not many exercises are needed. Maybe we breathe together, to arrive. Maybe we hum together, to say goodbye. Maybe someone wants to send healing energies in between and asks the group for support. Or one soul lies down in the center, the others touch and give love and strength. Or we try something else together.

Things can arise spontaneously, even though some may have brought a potential program element. If things just fit, why not? Or maybe better next time, because there were already two other exercises?

There may be moments of silence. Peaceful silence. Going into oneself. Breathing. Feeling. Looking into the eyes. One minute or longer?

Maybe someone will say something. Something funny? Something wise? An idea that just came up? A feeling that just wants to be shared?

Maybe out of this something will arise. Maybe not, then the thoughts and feelings move on. There is silence and listening again. At some point something will come again, quite intuitively. Everyone can share with the group what they feel.

It needs almost no rules and restrictions, only the obvious ones: No addictive substances, no small talk. None of that which robs us of energy and does not raise our frequencies.

Who wants to chatter about the weather, please: Then tell us how the sun opened your heart today. Or what you dreamed in the moonlight. Please let us feel with you!

It helps if at each meeting one or two souls feel responsible for the group. Then you don’t tell us what to do, but gently nudge us when we stray too far from the center. At the next meeting, two others might do it, so that no one feels that the group is his or hers.

There is no need for leadership or teachers in such a group. We can all learn if you tell us something about your inner processes. Then we listen to you. If it is not too long, there is enough space for the others afterwards.

It is not about me, it is not about you, it is about us, about the WE.

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