Now more important than ever: Inner shadow work!

Letting go of things that we no longer need

Is there also so much going on inside of you right now, much more than in a long time?

This is what a world crisis brings with it. You think a lot more about what’s really important to you.

If you are attentive to yourself, you may suddenly realize all the superficial substitute satisfaction that used to serve as a survival strategy for this complex and not always easy world.

Now, we look behind it and realize: They helped us on our way for a while, but now the old crutches are no longer good. We are now looking for new support on our way.

Maybe you like to symbolically support this important inner process on the outside and find a bit of old stuff in your home that you can get rid off?

Inner shadow work

But maybe there are completely different processes in you. Are you scared? Are you mad? Or sad?

Please pay special attention to your feelings and thoughts right now.

I think the inner processes that we’re all going through right now are individual and completely different for everyone, but something is happening in each of us …

It is very important that we do not simply push these processes aside and suppress them, but that we are now as honest with ourselves as we can.

And that we then go right through these unpleasant feelings and dark parts of ourselves, deal intensively with them, clarify and heal them. ?

This is called inner shadow work.

We can actually use this world crisis as a huge opportunity for us: if we are ready to really face up to our inner shadow parts, to bring them to light, to work with them, to accept them and finally to let them go …

Then, there is an inner awakening process that will have far-reaching consequences for our lives.

Because I believe that we humans have an incredibly mighty creative power within us.

We are healers and creators in our own lives. But together, we can create much more: our so-called collective unconscious (I like to call it: collective moon consciousness) creates more in our world than we believe. You can read more about this in this article.

Do you think that all of our wars, greed and aggression, poverty and misery in the world are only happening because the ones up there are doing something wrong?

Unfortunately I have to tell you: We are all involved.

Because we don’t usually work that much on our own shadow parts. And we don’t believe in our subconscious creater powers most of the day.

And then, we more or less willingly let others control this powerful consciousness and abuse it for their own purposes …

This is the most important reason why the majority of media have been pulling together for several years. Hardly any counter-opinions or alternative perspectives. They would only disturb the control process of our consciousness.

Wake up from the matrix

Our collective subconscious has created everything man-made in the world. The good and the bad. We have all created it with the consciousness of our own former incarnations in this world.

With our present consciousness we maintain the illusion of a more or less well functioning world.

But if as many people as possible change inside now, when we find our shadow parts … work with them, accept them and then watch them dissolve into nothing …

Then, there can actually be a big change in the world.

However, only if we are really honest with ourselves from the bottom up.

And if afterwards, we are not satisfied with the expected cheat packs and bribe attempts from the government.

We tend to think that we cannot make so much of a difference in the material world through our own actions, especially when we are under voluntary or mandatory quarantine now.

But that is far from the truth.

We can recapture our inner power of consciousness at any time.

And this power is not nothing: It actually changes things in our outer life, because the subtle worlds are hard-wired to the material world at the quantum level.

I think, we all have our own shadow work to do. And the more people take this very seriously and end up strengthened and awakened from the processing process, the sooner important global changes will be possible afterwards.

The good will then emerge almost automatically.

It may sound utopian … But I think we are in the middle of a global development process that is happening in the heads and hearts of each and every one of us.

With these inner processes of shadow work, with this weeding in our inner garden, we can now learn which healing and creative powers lie dormant in us.

And yes, Healer & Creator actually helps pretty well with such a job.


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