Why a Free Course on Energetic Healing?

I find it very interesting to see which different personal opinions and ideas there are on the subject of money and financial compensation, especially with my energetic healing technique Healer and Creator, which I offer for free.

Is it untrustworthy?

Some believe that if I want to show other people free of charge how they can heal themselves and others energetically, that will certainly be untrustworthy. Especially if the website looks so pretty and I also invest money in Facebook advertising.

Some may ask, where finally the tough sales pitch becomes visible …

In fact, there are a great many business concepts on the Internet that are structured in the same way: first attract free, then rip off. And afterwards the participants of the free webinars and courses bought something they did not want and did not need.

So, a bit like the famous promotional trips with sales show included, where you can get an overpriced electric blanket.

And believe me, such unwanted purchases have already happened to me on the internet! 🙂

Karmic burdens?

Others talk about karmic entanglements, which I charge myself and others when I offer something for free.

For anyone who can not give back is ethically and karmically still in an unresolved obligation, which then possibly only dissolve in a later life.

Nobody wants that either. 🙂

Healers who take money are charlatans?

And again others are of the opinion that any energetic healing and also all healer training should always be offered free of charge – and who does not do that would be a charlatan!

Then I always wonder if these people wish the healers of our world a long life at all, if they can not even buy their healthy organic vegetables.

My personal reasons

Of course, before the start of this project, I also thought about all of this a lot.

So why would I like to show people for free how they can use life energy to heal and change their world?

First and foremost, I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience and try out this wonderful energy and healing technique.

Since I can not do this without money, the project has to make a long-term profit. Only if I take in more than I spend, the project can have a healthy growth – and thus reach even more people!

In the course of the free UEC Practitioner course, there are several ways to return something to me or to the project:

Here are some ways to return something to me or to the project:

  • Write a personal short report about your own experience with the technique and send it to me. I would like to use and publish these texts (possibly also without attribution) in my blog and on Facebook.
  • Share my articles on social media to reach more people.
  • Give a donation for the project.
  • For a one-time payment you can join my annual group: We practice and learn together, try a new H&C application together every week, exchange ideas and send each other healing and supportive energies.
  • Join my H&C online workshops and learn new H&C applications with other lovely people.

So it is up to you, whether and how much of the energy I give to you with the development of the free energy healing technique flows back to me, my work and this project.

I wish that my idea will be a great success. A success for all participants, for the further spread of the Healer and Creator technique and also for me personally, so that I can continue my work. I like win-win-win situations. ?

Whether you want to use this or other energetic healing techniques only for you personally, or whether you want to do good to others – and whether you require a payment or a donation or nothing at all, that you have to decide for yourself.


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