Simply forgive!

Whatever you see in your dreams and in other inner images, they are reflections of your inner universe. At the same time, and this is the paradox of the construction of our holographic world, it is always a multidimensional journey to the outside, often to foreign galaxies and frequencies.

An open and warm heart helps a lot with inner travel. When we feel safe, secure and loved, we automatically prefer to travel to inner worlds that match this vibrational frequency. Then we hardly need breathing and energy exercises, we feel uplifted, and as if with angel wings we glide over the wondrous landscapes of our inner being.

Whatever you see, it always depends only on your own inner feeling. If an emerging scene seems unpleasant to you, you can look within yourself to see if there is something to forgive or let go of on this subject. Every scene that arises in your inner being wants to be perceived, no matter if in your meditations, during multidimensional travel, in your dreams or just in between as a thought. Is there something to learn about this topic, is there something to work on internally, to transform, to heal, to let go or to forgive?

When you imagine yourself breathing through your heart chakra, you quickly come into your inner most sacred love. Your heart center becomes your most important control element for the experiences you want to have. When you are in your heart, you automatically feel connected to Gaia, to humans, to your angels and spirit guides, to the whole universe.

From your heart center, you can go inside into remembered scenes from your past and empathize with them. You can forgive: First to yourself and then also to the other souls who were involved in the remembered situation. If you like, change your perspective, look at your remembered scene from above or go into the positions of the souls involved one after the other. What do you feel? Is there still something to feel, to let go, to accept or to forgive in any of the perspectives?

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