Soon my new free book will be published

Six years ago, the first parts of my German book “Spiritual Dating. The Holistic Path from Single to a Fulfilling Relationship.” were published as a free ebook on Amazon, among other places.

Now, in my intuitive writing, the missing chapters have emerged, simply because they were naturally part of my present world of experience. I prefer to write about the things that I am experiencing intensively myself at the moment. Writing is answering many questions for me, guiding me forward, and hopefully helping readers on their own journeys in the process.

This is how an unusual book came into being, which originates from two eras and also includes my new experiences in the meantime. I had the opportunity to learn a lot while writing, for example, which basic energetic patterns play an important role in the mating dance between Yin and Yang. Or how we can best deal with mood swings and phases of doubt.

I’m working my way through every word and every sentence from front to back. I’m sure it will take a few more weeks. And then a new free ebook will appear that will help further, a kind of roadmap to the next spiritual relationship.

How you can experience this in a new, awakened and high vibrational way is what other books of mine are about, which are being written in parallel.

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