We Meet (Eye Meditation / Eye Gazing Challenge)

The so-called Eye Gazing, looking into the eyes, and just looking, not judging!, not wanting!, just perceiving and feeling, is a popular technique that is often shown at Tantra introductory seminars.

Actually, it is an exercise that we can do constantly and regularly with each other, at least with the souls that we perceive as loving, respectful and beneficial to us. If we can also be physically close to each other in the process, parts of our subtle astral bodies merge with each other, we receive even better, we balance each other out, we accept each other, we harmonize ourselves internally.

What is the core of the encounter?

The one shows itself to the other.
It is not about understanding,
not about grasping,
not about changing,
not about possessing,
not about recognition,
not about rejection,
not about separating,
not about what unites.
Life encounters life,
different and one,
both expand and change
in the recognition
the other is me too.
How do we learn to meet each other in this way?

(Kai Böhler)

Among other ways, we can practice eye gazing in our conversations with each other, we can learn to hold eye contact again, rest our eyes in the eyes of the person we are talking to. When we breathe through our heart chakra, we strengthen the connection to our companion, our communication with ourselves and with our counterpart becomes more loving and honest.

What does eye gazing do to us?

Even better is when we don’t need to talk at all. When our energetic frequencies are compatible, it brings us into a wonderful relaxation. It leads us deeper and more intimately to ourselves.

It is a wonderful experience when we can take time for each other, when we don’t have to do anything, just look into each other’s eyes.

I now offer you to experience this eye gazing experience together with me. Of course, it would be even better and more intense if we were sitting face to face, but if that is not possible, then at least for you as a viewer it works very well with this video.

If you want to open yourself for it, you can see, feel and perceive me. You can’t send energies to me because I can’t see you, that’s why the communication unfortunately remains an energetic one-way street. But the love of your heart center, I can feel it a little bit, if you can also feel it. Love connects, even across time and space.

Would you like to write a comment on YouTube about this video, what you felt during the eye meditation?

And now: The Eye Gazing Challenge!

Will you join in and record a video of yourself like this? Sit down and relax and look directly into the camera lens for as long as you like. You can then upload the video to YouTube. If you want, you can add the link to this page for explanation.

If you send me a message by email or via Facebook, I can also embed your video here on the site. So other people can see you as well. Do we meet and find the core of the encounter?

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