Subtle Energies and Health

We can not see, taste or touch energy. And yet it is there, as well as the air we breathe.

The old yogis have been teaching it for thousands of years, our quantum physicists only since a few decades ago: Our universe is pure energy.

Everything is energy

Every object, every living thing, every atom and neutron, even thoughts and feelings are simply different vibrational frequencies of energy.

Energy surrounds us, it flows through us, and it is present in all things and living beings around us. Of course, also in our body!

First and foremost we are energy beings

We are connected to everything that surrounds us, even though sometimes we can not believe it and feel disconnected from everything.

Whenever we suffer from a physical or mental illness, there is also a correspondence to our energy body, to our chakras and energy channels (meridians).

Somewhere, the flow of energy is then interrupted or out of balance. Maybe there is a blockage in our energy system, it is not flowing properly anymore.

Mental or emotional stress, fears, phobias and traumas also cause an imbalance in our energy body, which hinders the distribution of energy in body cells.

In addition, there are a variety of environmental toxins, with which we are struggling in our daily lives, as well as often unhealthy eating habits.

Our cells are usually capable of detecting small defects in the body system and repairing them themselves. Every cure is self-healing!

But when our energy body has come out of its natural balance and our cells have to work on many “construction sites” at the same time, they have a hard time.

Then certain body organs or, for example, our blood pressure, our nervous system or other important systems in our body may suffer.

Keeping it that way for extended periods of time will lead to illness. Normally, we then run to the doctor, get a few pills and hope that we can stop the symptoms as quickly as possible.

But the cause is not found in this way, because this lies in the energy system and in the energy flow. However, our pharmaceutical-trained doctors have usually learned nothing about this.

We really do not need to be afraid of illness if we understand it as a warning system of our body. If something is out of harmonic balance, then our body shows us, for example with pain or other symptoms, that we need to take better care of ourselves.

Sickness can be positive, as long as we understand the signal and make appropriate changes.

Take good care of yourself!

It is our own responsibility to keep our energy body and internal energy systems in a healthy balance.

The good thing is, we do not need to understand exactly how our inner energy system works in detail. As long as we take care of the elimination of energy blockages and a harmonious flow of energy, a holistic healing on the body, mind and soul level is possible.

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