5 Ideas on How to Feel Better Immediately

You do not have to feel happy and positive in every minute of your life. It’s perfectly okay to feel tired, annoyed, sad or low-spirited at times.

I also do not believe to forbid oneself intense negative emotions with the compulsion for the positive.

The suppression of negative feelings makes you sick in the long run. Certain things just have to be processed and explored by us.

But after a certain period of time you should also find the upswing for the better, because a longer negative mood also makes you sick, it weakens, for example, our immune system quite considerably.

So it does not make much sense if we wallow in negative emotions for too long and thus pull our body energies and our aura ever further down.

So here are five tips on how to return to a positive attitude within minutes:

1. Send a person positive energy and good thoughts.

If you concentrate on sending positive feelings, thoughts and energies to another person, you will immediately feel better. For it is almost impossible to continue to feel bad while you wish goodness to another person.

If you do not know exactly how to do this by sending out positive energies, then I invite you to learn my free energetic healing technique Healer and Creator!

With this very easy-to-learn energy and healing technique, you can not only send positive energy to other people, but also strengthen and harmonize your own energy field.

2. Compile a music list

Have you saved many music files on your computer? If you are having a bad mood, then this is a good opportunity to compile a list of the songs that inspire and positively influence you the most.

After all, at such moments, you are able to feel very well into the energies of a music and directly notice whether you feel better with this music or not.

You can also search and get inspired on YouTube or one of the many music platforms. You might find new music styles and artists and create your own list of inspirational music.

If you want, you can also listen to two or three songs that match your negative mood. Then, you hear a longer list of songs that will do you good.

The important thing is to have your inspiring list of music at your fingertips the next time you are in a bad mood, and then listen to the selected music again. This will then quickly evoke positive feelings in you, because music can reach and transform us in a very unique way.

3. Learn to meditate

Meditation is a wonderful way to get more involved with your inner self. However, meditation should not be confused with wellness.

You can, for example, use positive visualization techniques in meditation to enhance positive feelings and thoughts. But you also have the opportunity to study the underlying emotions that have put you in a bad mood. Maybe there is something to learn for you?

Some meditation techniques can also take you back to your base, to your innermost core, where there is no “good” and no “bad” anymore. From this perspective, your everyday problems and worries will look quite different.

If you do not know exactly how to learn meditation, have a look at my free app “Daily Meditation“.

4. Call and visualize a beautiful memory

If you can immerse yourself in a beautiful memory of your life, if you can feel it again as intense as on that day or in that moment, then there is hardly room for negative mood.

If you find it hard to find such situations in your own life, then guided imagery may be a good option for you. The important thing is that you perceive the inner image and the associated feelings as intensively as possible.

5. Letting go

If you need techniques to let go of your negative feelings and thoughts, then there are many possibilities and ideas for that as well.

Some time ago, I recorded a small video series, unfortunately it is only available in german. In each of these videos, I introduce a different technique on how to let go of stress and burdens. It’s best to try out each technique briefly, and then decide which one suits you the most. Maybe one day I will translate the videos into english.

For sure, it’s good to have some techniques for actively letting go of negative thoughts and feelings at hand when you need them.

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