Angelic humans

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Angelic humans or “Fallen Angels” do not need to burrow through the materiality of this world in order to develop further “upwards” (or inwards) in the spiral of consciousness and dimensions.

They already come from the direction of the higher/internal dimensions. They come down to the earth, have their vibration more and more materialized and solidified, so that they (like ascending humans) are able to hold a physical body.

However, this does not mean that angelic humans can do without inner (shadow) work. Quite the contrary, because life in our constantly trauma-producing world is not really made for them.

As especially sensitive humans, they have a particularly hard time on earth. Thus, like all human beings, they quickly make their own traumatic experiences and then often need a very long time to integrate, heal, transform or resolve.

Many angels even work extra inner shifts, some take on the karma of an entire family, others help to work through collective issues. For angels this is normal, in the eighth dimension they feel their WE-consciousness.

Angelic humans and ascending humans

Angelic humans remind ascending humans of their oneness with All-That-Is, and so they inspire them to keep going, to keep growing, to keep healing, and also to keep loving more and more and more. At least when they manage to work through their own inner issues and blockages.

Because not every angelic human is pure love and high consciousness: As already described in the article Fallen Angels, some lose themselves in addictions, others have taken on too much and can hardly keep up with the transformation work.

But when angels can accept their love and light more and more, then they are unstoppable, then they shine their higher dimensional light on everything that surrounds them and on every surrounding living being. They do not need to do much for this, just BE. Their presence in the same space can already be felt as healing, the better and more natural they are connected with the higher dimensions, the more intense.

Angelic humans and love

For ascending humans, the concept of unconditional, overflowing divine love is sometimes difficult to grasp. Angelic humans can show them the path in a wonderful way. However, they often have a very different concept of love, it is vast and big and does not always fit with the culturally developed ideas of relationships on earth.

At the same time, often their longing for human love is very great. They want to feel safe and secure, they want to be able to completely take off their protective masks with at least one human being in their lives.

When angelic humans and far ascended humans connect, together they can experience a love so deep and so divine that it can feel scary for both of them at first. But after the letting go comes the harvest, an almighty oneness, and with it comes great inner powers.

This text was inspired, among others, by the song Blessed We Are by Peia Luzzi:

Excerpt from the song lyrics:

Blessed we are to dance on this ground
With the rhythm of saints to carry the sound
We hold a prayer for all life
For the days yet to come
May you walk in beauty
And remember your song

Remember why you came here
Remember your life is sacred
Remember why you came here
Remember your life is sacred

Spiritual meaning of the lyrics:

Blessed we are to dance on this ground [… of Mother Gaia]
With the rhythm of saints to carry the sound.
[saints = “ascended masters” or ascending humans
to carry the sound = to hold the frequency of light]

We hold a prayer for all life [We bless with our Being.]
For the days yet to come. [the beginning of the New World]

May you walk in beauty
And remember your song
[Remember from where you are from, who you are, how you shine!]

Remember why you came here [from Love!]
Remember your life is sacred [You are immortal like all souls]

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