You and your Spirit Guides

The great art is to learn to accept them. How far do we want to and can we open our hearts to them?

Our guides lead us most of the time softly, lovingly, gently. Okay, of course not always… ?

Every human born on Gaia is closely connected and interwoven with at least two spirit guides, where always one soul takes over and represents the role of the Yin guide and another soul the role of the Yang guide. In the higher dimensions, this works in much the same way as our three-dimensional father-mother constellation when conceiving a human child.

We have made an incarnation pact with our spirit guides. They are always with us throughout our lives, they never leave us, not for a tiny moment. They are part of our incarnation and our common experience, together with us they hold the energies in the human body.

Sometimes at least one of the spirit guides is not another soul, but a “better” (“higher”) version of ourselves, more developed in consciousness, viewed from a certain perspective, i.e. from the distant future. That’s why we often call this part higher self, a bland word creation of our scientists, while our guides are anything but genderless and emotionless!

Sometimes we say “our guardian angel” and actually mean one of our spirit guides. They protect and help us on our way, even when it may not look like it to us sometimes.

In individual cases our spirit guides actually come from the angelic realm, but for most humans they are other beings from the surrounding soul family. We join together and help each other in our incarnations because in doing so, everyone always grows together.

When imagining their personal spirit guides, ascending Gaia humans sometimes have in mind a colorful dazzling personality with many facets, built up from millennia of physical and non-corporeal experiences. Practically and logically inclined humans need this feeling and the comparability with other humans, everything else would be too hazy and too undefined for them.

Others, especially angelic humans with at least one angel as a guide, do not perceive them so much as solidly structured, human-like beings, but rather as beings of light, color or elements, sometimes also as sound or tones or like vast fields of power and greatness, filled with love, sound and light.

The signature and vibrational frequency is what matters, not the outward appearance. One of the light sound geometry patterns may recall Metatron, Jesus, Joseph or some other conception. The other spirit guide may fit Sandalphon, Mary Magdalene, “Virgin” Mary or some other conception that can be recognized as a signature over time.

Perhaps you can perceive your spirit guide fields differently in terms of color, sound, or space? What color spectrums resonate in the art? Which buzzing sound connects best with the healer and helper field? Where are your spirit guides when you visualize them in a three-dimensional family constellation matrix or lay them out on the table with game pieces, pebbles or shells?

Contacting the Spirit Guides

Those who seek contact with their guides can practice letting go first and foremost. We hold on far too tightly to our concepts, rules of thought and limitations, we are usually reluctant to leave our mental comfort zone. We are often not used to clearing our minds, letting go, perceiving and accepting. That’s all we need and can do if we want to listen to our spirit guides.

Then only one thing is important: If we don’t ask questions, we won’t get answers. This is a cosmic law, and our guides also abide by it. They do not impose themselves if we do not show interest.

When we send out our question(s) mentally or telepathically or anchor them symbolically in materiality by writing them down, then it is a matter of letting go and feeling into it. That is really all that is needed for contact. We feel the answers deep within us, if we make our mind and ego-feeling permeable enough, and if we are attentive enough to notice the manifold response possibilities of our guides. They do not always come in words or images, they also speak through other people, through sounds and synchronicities such as the famous double numbers. With time they show themselves more and more, if we allow it and learn to perceive their high vibrational frequencies. With me they have shown themselves over time as a magician (Natushohin) and as an angel (Darna). If you are looking for longer answers, wait for my book on the subject or ask when I will do a workshop on it. ?

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