A healing self-love exercise

Today, I would like to introduce you to a particularly healing exercise.

You can forgive yourself. You can give yourself love and protection. You can heal your Inner Child with this simple exercise. And you can gain a lot of new strength with it.

Imagine a situation in which you felt weak, anxious, sad, angry, or simply immensely disappointed, or for some other reason you were not in your full and highest strength.

Visualize in front of your inner eyes what you would look like if you had seen yourself from the outside in this situation.

So, you do not identify yourself with your past self, but you imagine looking at yourself from about a meter or two away.

If you want, you can also feel like an angel or light being.

You are just there and observe how your past self feels powerless.

And now, go a little closer to your past self and take it very lovingly in your arms.

Hold it in your arms as long as it feels good and right for you. Breathe deeply and evenly. Give your past self your full, deep and honest love.

Maybe you can also tell your past self that you are always there when you need it.

Maybe you want to say the words to yourself: I love you!

Show your past self that it can trust you and your protective powers and energies. It only needs to open a little bit to your presence so that you (as light being or angel from the future) can help with your strength and your love at any time …

Feel love. Give love.

After you have felt intensely how you give yourself love, do a few rounds of the Healer & Creator Energy Flow Exercise (either the physical variant or the internal form as I described it in my book Blissful Ecstasy).

Healer & Creator harmonizes your subtle energies and your chakras, so that after this little self (love) therapy you have no energetic blockages or tension and you can feel free, light and luminous again.

It’s a bit like standing under the refreshing shower after exercising or a long and strenuous hike, cleaning yourself and washing off everything that doesn’t belong to you.

Then you feel pure and refreshed and are in harmony with yourself.

What does this exercise do to you?

This simple and efficient exercise has at least three very fantastic effects on your inner self:

First of all, you heal old emotional wounds and energetic blockages with it.

You also show yourself that you are able to love yourself and take care of yourself.

If you do this exercise more often, you will automatically connect a little more with your Higher Self.

The next time you feel powerless, you know that your future self can go into this situation later, and this angel or light being can then hug you and give you love.

Imagine that would happen now.

So, as you read these lines here, your angelic self from your own future hugs you and gives you his / her love.

You can feel protected and loved.

This is how it feels when you open yourself up to your Higher Self more and more. And because the Higher Self only creates a very vague picture in front of my inner eyes, I prefer to personalize it.

Since everything in this world is subject to the laws of polarity, I imagine an inner god and an inner goddess. Both happily united together resemble my Higher Self.

In this (and every other) moment I can decide whether I would rather be held in my arms by my inner God or by my inner Goddess.

What powers and frequencies do I need at this moment? According to my needs, I choose who of my two inner gods now gives me love and strength.

And then, I let the energies circulate inside of me with Healer & Creator.

So easy. So effective. Please take your time and try it out.


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