Changing bad habits

Bad habits are difficult to change, and that has purely biological reasons.

If you call up an activity, a certain train of thought or a feeling again and again, over time you will form enormously strong connections between the corresponding synapses of your brain.

Whenever the corresponding trigger is activated, the information in the brain flows preferentially through these well-developed connections.

It becomes all the more difficult, if the habit is also linked to the internal production of certain chemical messengers, because then a bad habit can even become an addiction.

In many cases, you know your bad habits and addictions and are even aware of the possible alternative routes. But at first, these resemble rather small trails through a wild meadow. It takes a lot of energy to walk these narrow synapse paths.

Driving on the highway is faster and more comfortable

So, how do you apply the energy to break out of a bad habit that has long been of no use to you?

Sometimes, you can start with discipline. However, the use of discipline has one major disadvantage: We use a huge amount of energy that may then be missing in other places.

It is better to cultivate your self-love.

How much do you really love yourself?

Would you change your bad habit for your sake?

Feel yourself.

If there is a gentle “Maybe?” as an inner answer, then better work on your self-love first.

Let it grow and thrive like a delicate plant that needs your attention.

If one day your love for yourself is strong enough, you can make very clear decisions about your bad habits and change them from one day to the next.

Then, you walk your little trail happy and lightsome along the wild meadow. And every time you do that, the path becomes a little wider and more comfortable.

At some point, the small synapse path becomes a broad street.

The old highway in your brain that linked your trigger to your previously bad habit is regressing at the same time. The inner components are used for other purposes and soon nothing of the old street can be seen.

And then, you think back and wonder why you hadn’t given up on your previous bad habit much sooner.

But everything takes time.

The most important thing: love yourself!

Every day a little more.


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