Can You Feel Yourself Beyond Your Body Boundaries?

You are so much more than just this body! Maybe you’ve already read that somewhere. But did you also feel this firsthand?

There are meditation techniques that can give you a rough idea of how your personal energy field feels around you. With some of these techniques, you can also experience expanding your own energy field several feet beyond your body boundaries.

I also got to know and practice such meditation techniques many years ago, and it is a very nice experience to experience this.

But somehow, these meditations were never “tangible” and perceptable enough for me. You have an idea in your mind and maybe a pleasant feeling…

I got a much more intense experience when I combined my self-developed energetic healing technique, Healer and Creator, with this idea of expanding the energy field.

You can learn and experience the basic technique of H&C in my free ebook.

However, the additional application “Expand your energy field” is reserved for the participants of my online workshops or members of the H&C annual group. (The good news is you can join this group at any time!)

There are days when I want to rest more in myself and am quite happy when my energy field does not occupy the whole room.

On other days, however, I enjoy this experience of energetically expanding myself. During the exercise, my hands actually feel like they are meters long and cover a huge energy sphere around me!

In doing so, I also feel a strongly sensitized perception of things and happenings far around me. This might be very interesting for teachers and all people who give a seminar every now and then. Because this is how you feel the reactions of other people in the room more intense and immediate.

One of the participants of my annual group tried this exercise in the middle of her relocation stress. Here is her personal report:

“I have just done this wonderful exercise. I took a lot of time to consciously experience and feel each step. You have to know, I’m currently in the moving preparations. The space around me almost overwhelmed me with its packed boxes. Here is the result after my practice:

I feel like the room has gotten bigger. I deliberately concentrated only on an expansion of 3 meters. But it feels like the room has grown by 3 meters. ? The stressful narrowness has disappeared from my feelings.”

I too can remember very well my last moving days. I can empathize with this “stressful narrowness” of which the participant tells here! Too bad that I did not know this exercise during my last moves…

A few days later, the same participant wrote: “Thanks to my extended energy field, I still feel powerful. I feel like I could tap into the extended energy field as needed, like a gas station to refuel energy. “

If you haven’t get to know my energy healing technique Healer and Creator yet, or if you do not have access to the H&C add-on modules, I’d still like to inspire you here for a simple meditation exercise to expand your personal energy field:

Sit in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for 5 or 10 minutes. Relax, let go of your everyday life, inhale deeply and exhale.

Then inhale in your natural rhythm as normal, and during the following exhalation, imagine how you expand your energy field in all directions at the same time.

Breathe in again, and as you exhale, imagine again how to expand your personal energy field a little further around you. With each exhalation a little bit more.

Repeat this for a few minutes and then just observe what it feels like.

Some people have beautiful and immediate experiences with such a simple meditation exercise.

For others, this feels too theoretical and brainy.

In both cases, I warmly invite you to read my free ebook and to get to know and experience the wonderful energetic healing technique Healer and Creator.


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