From Idea to Realization: How a Project Comes into this World

No matter, whether you want to create a vegetable garden or write a book: Before you can realize a new project, you always need the idea.

Sometimes, such an idea seems to come “out of nowhere” to us…

Energetically, of course, the seed for the idea already existed. Often, the idea arises from a mixture of different thoughts, feelings, memories, wishes, etc.

We attract the idea and if we are convinced that we want to make this idea a reality, then the first tender energetic roots have already formed in our heads.

Next, we imagine the finished project as accurately as possible – this gives us the insight of which steps we need to take to realize the idea.

We create a more or less accurate plan in our head. One could say that the project already exists on an energetic level, even if it is not yet visible in the material world. Sometimes, in an intermediate step we put this plan on paper or we make it visible in a computer file.

Then, when we start to implement, we shape our project through our actions – just like a sculptor works out of an inconspicuous stone the shapes of a beautiful statue.

Or, to stick with the concept of idea seed, we plant the seed in fertile soil and give it water, light and affection.

The seed opens, the first leaves are visible…

Gradually, something new is emerging. As we continue to work on our project, we will always get creative impulses and new motivation from our original project vision in between, which has probably already evolved in our mind as well.

So we can say that at the same time we are building on the vision and the material implementation, and are more and more aligning both in the process.

The more energy we invest, the bigger and stronger our project will be. The kitchen garden may already have the irrigation system laid – and the planned book may already have a working title and a rough overview, maybe even the first chapter.

We give even more energy into the project, get additional suggestions from others, let our vegetable garden thrive, or let the book almost write itself.

Once set in motion, the project picks up speed of its own accord. We continue to nourish it with our energies, but it is now developing its own life and now also draws additional power from sources we could not see before.

If a little more patience is added (and that’s always the hardest part for me personally!), then bit by bit something great can come about: the vegetable garden gets the first fruits, the book is finished and published.

In this way, it is clear to everyone how much each step of the realization of a new project depends on energy. By that I mean the universal life energy, which we focus and use with the help of our intention as we think it is best for the good of our project.

All you need to do is visualize your idea or project as accurately as possible and then send universal life energy to this inner image.

What happens then can only be described as magical:

  • You will easily attract new ideas and impulses for the realization of your project.
  • You will bring people and situations into your life that can help you with the implementation.
  • You will feel a steady flow of inner motivation, which in turn will help you invest more energy in your project.

Have you already learned a technique for combining and focusing universal life energy (such as Healer and Creator)? In that case, it will be obvious to use this technique in the future to support your current projects.

If you already know the basic technique of H&C, I’ll be happy to show you how to do it in a H&C add-on module.


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