Do You Yearn for Inner Healing?

When we come to earth as a little baby, everything is fine. We hopefully have a loving mother and a loving father who protect and feed us and are there for us.

But then, the first problems come into our lives. We are faced with one crisis after another, it hurts, and we have to learn to deal with it, to mature and to grow through these crises. Some of us are confronted with such dramatic events in our early childhood that we suffer our first deep injuries and internal wounds.

For other people, everything goes well at first and they grow into an inwardly stable and hopefully loving adult.

As young adults, we then have new problems to deal with. Many of us learn a profession and then realize many years later that this does not fulfill us, does not do us good or even eats us up inwardly.

And of course, almost all of us are struggling with more or less heartbreaking love dramas. Have you ever been unhappy in love? Were you ever rejected? Or was there simply no way to live out your love? It certainly hurt and injured you.

Later, other dramas and internal injuries are added…

Perhaps, like me, you once felt that you had found the love of your life, and after a few years, you were lied to and deceived. This can tear deep inner wounds in your soul.

Or you have lost an important person in your life and the deep grief has divided you inside, because this person was also an important part of you…

I’m sure, you have been able to enjoy many wonderful experiences in your life. But I’m also sure that you had to experience bad and deep injuries.

As long as the positive experiences outweigh, you may have managed to find a good inner balance and stability in your life. Maybe you also did some therapy for a few years to better deal with negative experiences. Or you’ve been working hard on yourself and your inner world, and you’ve already been able to dissolve much of it on the mind level.

But were you able to free yourself from all the wounds of your past on a deeper, energetic level?

Every inner injury is stored somewhere in us. Some call this the inner cell memory. It is not the memories of dark parts of your life itself, but only their energetic frequency, which are stored in our cell memory.

These dark shadows are blocking us

Whatever you want to achieve and do in your life, you can only move there as fast as the weakest link in the chain, your weakest cells, allow it. If you haven’t completely forgotten your dreams in life, and if you yearn to become an even better version of yourself, then you should deal with your inner cell memory and heal your inner self energetically.

A little over 10 years ago, I developed an energetic healing technique (at first only for me!), which can do just that: With this technique (I call it Healer and Creator) you can flood your inner cell memory with so much love and energy that you can heal every area of ​​your life energetically.

For me, it’s pure magic! When I practice H&C with a focus on a particular topic of my life, so many miraculous things happen at once…

  • My interior is flooded and filled with light, love and energy. That feels really great!
  • This feeling also carries me through my everyday life in a helpful and supportive way.
  • In addition, with the H&C technique I regularly create situations and experiences in my life that help me with the processing of my internal wounds and injuries.

The last point sounds so crazy that you may not believe it at first. But if you experience it yourself again and again, then the inner resistance against such a magical connection between our deepest inner self and the surrounding world will certainly crumble away.

Then slowly, an intuitive understanding of the inner cohesion of our world matures. You then understand that anything that moves you deeply inside will also find a way to materially manifest in your world with a suitable energy technique.

You create situations that confront you with your inner injuries, so that you can heal and overcome them with new power. You then meet people with the same internal vibrations and similar wounds and injuries as you have.

Sometimes they have already progressed on their way and can then show you what you can do to heal your injuries. At other times, they are still in the middle of their inner workings, and because you can help them through your being on their way, you also clarify some of the remaining shadow within yourself.

Through such encounters you can walk a little way together. It can help you heal together and bloom like beautiful flowers in a wild meadow.

Your goal is clear: Allow your soul to shine and beam again! Live, enjoy and be happy in your deepest inner self. Do not stand in your own way any longer and let nothing stop you.

If you are not ready to work on yourself and your inner world, then Healer and Creator is certainly not for you!

But when you feel that deep soul yearning for inner healing within you… When you feel how well you are doing when you practice such a powerful and wondrous energy technique on a regular basis in your life, then inner healing can happen…

Why are you here?

I wish with all my heart that you did not find your way to my website for nothing (and certainly not by chance!). I would like to show you this technique of Healer and Creator for free and without any obligations on your part.

Do something good for yourself. Try out this wonderfully healing and powerful energetic technique for yourself. Practice it for a few days, for example every morning right after getting up, and see what changes in your everyday life.

Observe how you feel when you practice H&C. Experience for yourself how you are able to lovingly reprogram your inner cell memory so that step by step you can realize everything in your life that you desire in your deepest inner self.

Download now my free ebook, in which I describe you the H&C technique exactly – and perhaps you would like to tell me personally in a few days, what you have experienced?


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