Does H&C also Help with Cancer?

The short answer to this question is: Yes, the Healer and Creator technique can help the body heal itself from cancer (and other often fatal diseases). To explain, I have to go back a bit …

Cutting, burning and poisoning cancer cells – that can not be healthy!

If the diagnosis is cancer, many automatically think of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The pharmaceutical industry has cleverly established this in our minds with the help of doctors, and even our laws reinforces this association when, as parents in many countries, we are obliged by law to bring our children to chemotherapy as soon as they have been diagnosed with cancer.

Conventional therapy methods are usually aimed only at the destruction of the cancer cells with highly toxic substances or radioactive radiation from the outside, which unfortunately severely damages many surrounding body cells, often important bodily functions as well as our vital immune system as unavoidable side effects.

Yet it is our ingenious-working immune system that detects degenerated cells in the body every single day of our lives and then effectively and successfully eliminates them.

Our health is our own responsibility

If our immune system and our psyche are healthy, and if we provide degenerated cells little basis and attack surfaces in our body with a preferably non-acidic and balanced organic diet, then we need not be afraid of the specter of cancer again!

Many former patients, who have often been diagnosed with end-stage cancer, have deliberately opted out of chemotherapy or other deleterious procedures and instead sought natural and healthy ways – and have successfully defeated the cancer.

Most then report a necessary, drastic change in diet (anti-inflammatory, non-acidic and mostly plant-based), the intake of many natural medicinal herbs and highly potent essential oils and other alternative therapies, including psychotherapeutic, spiritual or energetic healing methods.

Looking for the miracle cure?

Basically, almost everything can help against cancer, which strengthens the body and immune system. That’s why I find it a bit idle, if on Facebook again and again the new and only miracle cure is hyped.

Yes, turmeric, CBD oil, apricot kernels and vitamin C can help a great deal on many types of cancer and are great even for perfectly healthy people. But it is always the individual and as broad as possible mixture of the healing substances that enable us to health until old age.

Our task is to provide the body with as many healthy nutrients as possible (in plain words: Green Smoothie instead of industrial feed) and at the same time to keep it away from toxic substances and other (including mental) strains as good as possible.

Energetic techniques strengthen and harmonize us

Energetic techniques, such as Yoga, QiGong, and of course the Healer and Creator technique, can harmonize and strengthen our inner energy flow and energy body.

When we feel strengthened internally and energetically, it also benefits our immune system and our overall health.

Especially, if you do not currently practice and use any energetic technique on a regular basis, I recommend reading my free ebook “You are Healer and Creator”.

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