Energetic Times and Places

Our cat Canela is a pleasure expert. She knows exactly what is good for her. For years, Canela has been sitting on a wall twice a day and looks out at the deep sea below. Once in the morning when the sun rises and then again when the colors of the day slowly fade away.

These moments are sacred to her. Then, she looks completely relaxed, as if she is perfectly at peace with herself and the world.

Then, she closes her eyelids halfway, and she has that happy-looking squint that you can see in many cats.

In earlier times, many people were much more sensitive than today. They were able to feel the special subtle energies of these two special times of the day, these quiet moments in which the sun and moon shake hands, very intimately.

For many, like our cat, it was the most important time of the day when they could watch the daily play of colors in the sky while resting peacefully inside.

At that time, most people had a deep understanding of nature’s energetic powers. Some of them were even in contact with nature spirits, which we all too easily mock as superstition these days.

Some wise people used to communicate directly with the consciousness of plants and received important information about their healing power. Or, with the help of certain plants, they could connect to the underlying consciousness of Mother Earth and thus gain valuable insights into their own personal and spiritual development.

We followed these subtle sensations of Mother Nature and Mother Earth for thousands of years. Then, a new era began, in which we primarily and partly almost exclusively dealt with the left, logical half of our brain.

We discovered and researched many exciting things that make up our modern life today. But we paid a high price for our increased left-sided thinking and reduced right-sided feeling and sensing. Because with this change we largely lost our access to the subtle worlds in our society.

It got worse: what we, in our modern West, were allowed to believe and what not, was suddenly determined by a globally controlled institution. Those who dared to go too far from the given beliefs were imprisoned, tortured or burned at the stake.

The deterrence worked pretty well for over two thousand years. In the collective unconscious of our western society, we can still find the fear of stepping out of the frame. Large numbers of people have left the church, but taking completely different paths, that seems to be a bit too suspect for many.

What people used to believe in, we sometimes still smile at it and call this “primitive”.

This choice of word is interesting. “Primitive” means in the original state. Now, one can of course ask what is wrong with it when someone is in the original state.

Isn’t that what we crave most inside, because we have moved too far away from this state?

In plain english, one would say that we seek access to our Higher Self more than ever. Because this Super Ego is perfect, it is the Divine Core within us, the perfect harmony with ourselves and with everything that is.

Now it is true, that even the Christian conquerors of the Middle Ages were still able to sense subtle energies. Many of them noticed very strong, special energies in the old temples of the dissenters.

But it couldn’t be that there were sites that were holier than the places of the church. So, they quickly pulled down the temple walls and built chic new churches over the old sites.

In the future, people made a pilgrimage to the papal approved new temples of the time. If they felt any subtle energies there, then of course it had only something to do with Jesus Christ, but not with the energies of the “primitive” believers that had been built up much earlier.

Sometimes, you can still find churches that were once temples. If you sit there still for a while and rest in yourself, then you can feel the special energy of the place within you.

Of course, these places are all around you in nature as well. An old tree can give you wonderful energies and inner peace. Or maybe you will find a very special rock that invites you to sit and feel inside.

Trust your inner feelings.

Visit the places that connect you to your Higher Self. Find the times of the day when you come into particularly close contact with your innermost core.

Meditate there, or practise the internal Healer & Creator technique. And watch what this does to you.

Your path to enlightenment is clear.


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