Gaia is alive!

Gaia is alive and she is conscious. Let’s just follow some of the tracks she has laid for us:

In most of our lives, we are made up of about 70 percent water. I find it exciting that the water content in most plants and animals is in the range of 50-80%.

And then comes Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama. Approximately 71 percent of her surface consists of water. Did she create us in her image?

How can we actually believe in it and then claim that she is not alive?

And if she is alive… Why should she, as the largest of all living beings of our immediate here and now then not be aware?

Who created all earthly life?

Our Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, Pachamama. Some also call her a goddess.

When we, her children, play around with genes, cells and microorganisms, trying and fiddling, the result is usually a whole lot of chaos and mess. We do not understand the intelligence and consciousness behind “Mother Nature”.

Gaia has programmed her creation so cleverly that these find out the best direction for their growth to a large extent themselves. No matter whether fungus, plant, animal or human being: There is a perfectly functioning built-in, sensual error system in us, which brings us quite automatically into the right movement.

When Goddess Gaia tells us through our given senses: Be careful, hot!, we instantly withdraw our hand from fire or hotplate. We also learn constantly from our mental and emotional experiences by making our mistakes and then correcting ourselves again and again.

She is very patient with us, and she lets us have our free will, no matter in which direction we want to move. She loves us even when we move away from her temporarily.

An airplane on autopilot, I’ve heard, is steering very lightly all the time. Either it goes a little further to the left or to the right, up or down. And then shortly after that, back again. This is the best way to keep the course (the center).

It is the same with us. Through our life experiences, which we make here on Gaia, we swing the whole life time always a little bit forward and back again, a little bit up or down, left or right. And we are learning as we go, with each and every mistake. We learn more and more as we grow on and on. To the center.

Only a highly conscious super intelligence could create such an ingenious and always working error learning system.

Why do we not attribute consciousness to our Creatrix? Why do many believe in an impersonal God, but not in Goddess Gaia?

Is “the universe” really sending me something…?

Who creates everything we can see, feel, think? “The universe” in the higher instance most certainly, yes. But much closer, it is created for us by Mother Gaia, whether physical, subtle or subtle-spiritual.

Why should the universe interfere in this, when Goddess Gaia is already doing a great job with her long experience and her unconditional love. For many, she is the poster child of the universe, especially now, when she is shedding her skin in a higher dimension and takes us along on the journey and dives with us into ever higher frequencies.

The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.

Gaia is the creating consciousness in the background, the white noise.

She creates, she heals, and she makes us grow. As far as we want. For this purpose, she creates for us with her multidimensional Maya projector a rather “solid” and tangible world in which we can freely move, spread and create. We, her growing mini goddesses and mini gods.

Maya originally denoted the magic power with which a god can make human beings believe in what turns out to be an Illusion.

Her name is G-A-I-A, Mother Earth, Pachamama, we look for the name we like. Let us allow ourselves to perceive her. Let us learn to love her. She already loves us, since the beginning of our life, and even unconditionally.

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