How television litters us from inside

We sold our TV a few months ago.

I couldn’t have imagined that last year. Mina and I have seen many documentaries from the Internet on healthy eating, permaculture and spiritual issues on the television screen in recent years. That was good.

It was less good that we also enjoyed many series. These not only cost us a lot of life time, but also literally cluttered our unconscious (I call it lunar or moon consciousness).

You only notice that when you have stopped. Then you can see the real impact of all the images that we have shoveled into ourselves for years without a filter.

We don’t think anything of it if someone is killed or seriously injured on the television screen. We allow it, find it normal, and we give these pictures a firm place in our deepest inside.

Because the moon consciousness forgets nothing. As we know from hypnosis research, everything we have ever seen, heard, smelled, felt and experienced is stored within us for our entire life.

And that has very concrete effects on our daily feelings and experiences.

One can say that we vibrate at a lower frequency as long as we carelessly absorb images of violence, negative news or played scenes with deception and emotional drama.

We call it relaxation … Instead, you could listen to a guided imagery, which is much more relaxing.

Or we could read a book and use it, for example, to educate ourselves in a new direction that we are really interested in, but for which we always think we don’t have enough time.

Our knowledge today is incredibly extensive. With books and thematically relevant videos, we can become an expert in almost every subject area of the world within one year.

In two years, we might even be able to start making our first money in this direction if we’re not really happy with our current job.

Instead, one sits for hours in front of the flicker box and lets the images be sprinkled inside without sense.

What is different now with us, except that we use our time more meaningfully for the things that really matter to us? We feel lighter inside!

I would never have believed that television pictures could be so stressful. And I’m glad that we were able to say goodbye to this addiction.

One day we just hung a mandala cloth over the TV, and the living room already looked much nicer.

The cloth stayed there until after a few weeks we realized: We don’t need the TV at all!

It is a shame, of course, that this television is now littering another family’s moon consciousness. But everyone has to make their own decisions. And a decision is all you need for such a step.

Then, a few months later, if you find yourself feeling liberated and light within, you will probably be very grateful for this decision.


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