Heal your Inner Child with tarot cards

Do you know the concept of the Inner Child? By this, the inner part of you is meant that wants to (once again) be free and carefree from all stressful memories, experiences and feelings that have accumulated in the course of your life.

Your Inner Child wants to feel your love and protection, and if it feels comfortable with you, it wants to fool around, experience boundless joy, be allowed to be curious and discover the magical-mystical world around it in an intuitive way.

Most people in our “modern” world find it difficult to feel this childlike, lively part, let alone live it out. On the one hand, there are the imprints and limitations of our social life: One does not want to be noticed by their friends with overly silly actions.

Other reasons why many people do not have a good relationship with their Inner Child are unprocessed pains that they have experienced in their lives, moments of deeply felt sadness and abandonment, built-up fears or pent-up anger.

All of these difficult life experiences accumulate like a protective cocoon around the Inner Child, and the walls get a little thicker each year if you don’t take good care of yourself.

Then, your Inner Child withdraws and becomes very quiet.

Tarot cards can be a valuable tool to get in touch with your Inner Child, to find out what it needs from you, to feel happy and content, and to be able to show more of itself in your life.

What you can ask your Inner Child

I have already described the drawing and interpretation of tarot cards in another article. But what questions can you ask your Inner Child?

It can help if you close your eyes for a moment and feel inside yourself. Can you feel the Inner Child within you? Try to intuitively feel which question is right for you.

Do you want to know what your Inner Child needs from you in order to feel better protected? Are there any inner injuries that you should urgently heal? Is your Inner Child missing your loving attention and if so, how can you give more of it in your everyday life?

There are many questions to establish and deepen contact with your Inner Child. The most important thing is that you just start.

Maybe write down the first question beforehand, draw one or more cards and also write down your personal insights after reading an interpretation text, this will bring clarity and commitment.

It can be interesting and very instructive to read your notes again later. They can remind you of what you set out to do, you can recognize your own development, and it can help you to find new questions that you can answer with the help of your tarot cards.

Do I need special tarot cards for working with the Inner Child?

Many simply take the tarot cards they already use for other questions.

But your Inner Child likes to be playful, imaginative and fairytale-like. Perhaps it will be easier for you to contact and engage if you find a special tarot card set just for this purpose?

For me personally, I discovered this beautiful tarot card set with accompanying book by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. The cards look dreamy and mystical, show a world of dragons, fairies and elves – just the right thing for my Inner Child!

Here, you can see the style of this unique artist to decide whether your Inner Child can make friends with these tarot cards or whether you need a different style.

Ultimately, of course, you can work with any type of oracle or tarot cards, as long as you feel comfortable with them and sense a connection to them.


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