How to ask your Higher Self … and in what form the answers come

Your Higher Self is perfect. It knows everything because it is part of Everything That Is.

Above all: Your Higher Self knows best how to find your way back to unity with the Source, the universe, God or All That Is.

It wants to guide you and help you on your way to self-realization. But as humans, we are mostly too busy in our “modern” world. Then we don’t listen properly or we don’t look properly. We don’t really feel inside.

Our left brain dominates our lives

If an answer does come through from our Higher Self to our day-consciousness, for example by remembering a particularly super-conscious dream or by a sign or miracle that we have noticed in the world (synchronicity), then the next problem comes right away:

Many do not believe in the coherence and correctness of these messages.

It is self-sabotage, so to speak. We receive a signal (this requires a certain level of consciousness and alertness), but then our mind quickly dismisses the message behind it as a humbug.

In doing so, we symbolically slap our Higher Self!

We could also shout: “Shut up!” Because that’s exactly what your Higher Self will do if you reject it. It gets quiet. And waits. It waits until you open up again, until you want to listen again.

That is the big disadvantage if, as a society, one only believes what the scientists have confirmed, at best several times. And it must also be written in our favorite magazine or shown on television, otherwise we don’t believe it, either.

The preferred thinking with the left (logical and structuring) brain has advanced us enormously in many areas of modern life …

But in other areas we have lost so much!

The right hemisphere is creative and free from limitations. This side simply feels and tries to experience wisdom. This is different from the logically structured knowledge that we shovel into ourselves with the left half of our brain.

I think, in the past most people were much closer to their Higher Self. They called it their inner voice, intuition, gut feeling or they “had a sense of foreboding”. It was completely normal for them.

Today, we have to buy books or online courses or go to seminars to get back to our inner voice.

We are used to work with an unbalanced brain, namely with the left-wing. We no longer live out our own “better half”. And with that it is so difficult for us to notice the inner voice, the signs and signals of our Higher Self.

It is interesting to note that our religion, our science and our politics still have an unbalanced relation between men and women. We have been working on it for years now. But as long as this world continues to be dominated by men, we lack a very important part of the balance.

We mirror this fact in our brains. Most of us still prefer to listen “with the left”.

Open yourself to your soulful, creative and accepting (female) side, and you will automatically find better intuition, i.e. a better contact with your Higher Self.

Who are you on the highest level of consciousness?

The title of my book is meant as a reminder: You are not just a human body, You are a Healer and Creator!

If you open yourself up to the energetic world, with Healer & Creator you will be able to quickly learn to use subtle energies for healing and creating.

But you are also much more.

At the highest level you are divine, you are a perfect part of All That Is.

Your Higher Self is a representation of this divine original core within you, it is also perfect. And it knows the way! It will help you if you open yourself up to it.

Is your perfect original core male or female?

If your Higher Self is perfect, then it is neither male nor female, but both together, happily united.

In order to get into better contact with this deepest inside of you, you can also address the two divinely happy halves of the couple individually.

You then speak … to your Inner God or to your Inner Goddess.

For many, the word God has become a taboo, they don’t want to and can’t use it because it reminds them too much of the religious construct they were brought up with, or even doctrined with.

But maybe you can give the word a new meaning? Wouldn’t we all like to speak to a God or Goddess personally, provided we get an answer?

This is exactly what becomes possible if you apply the concept of duality to your Higher Self. Then, there is the Inner Goddess in you. And there is also the Inner God in you. Personalization makes communication much easier.

Maybe, you might even give them names that mean something to you personally. This can also intensify the perceived connection in your inner conversations.

Just ask them what names they have for you. Don’t worry, a name is just a symbol. And it is certainly not blasphemy if you would like to address your Inner Goddess with Maria or Sophia. Or would you prefer an imaginary name?

In this way, it even makes sense to speak inwardly with Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed or Buddha. Do you think the real Jesus figure is really listening? I rather think that you are talking to your own Higher Self, which is also perfect and therefore divine.

If you give your Inner Gods a name, you don’t need to tell anyone if you don’t want to. And if you prefer to talk to your Inner Goddess rather than your Inner God, this is also your private matter.

Others will never understand it in the same way as you and could unsettle you with their comments. Or, on the contrary, does it give you more strength and clarity when your loved ones know where you get your intuitive inspiration from?

How to ask your Higher Self

The beautiful thing is: Your Higher Self (God or Goddess) knows you best. So you don’t need to use words when you have a question. You just feel it and it is immediately understood.

Of course, words help some people to define their search more clearly. There are no rules. You decide how you communicate, whether you just want to feel your question, whether you write a poem to your Inner Goddess or sing a song to your Inner God while you dance.

Your Higher Self always listens.

And it understands you better than anyone else could.

How your Inner God or Inner Goddess answers you

Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.

John 4:48

The answers come when you notice a sign in your world that resonates with you internally.

Sometimes, these signs are very inconspicuous. It can be a single word of a conversation that you snap up on the bus or an advertisement that literally jumps into your face and answers your question in the bold heading.

It may also be that you get a new idea for your problem or question that feels so absolutely right when you receive it that you are certain that this idea can only come from your Higher Self.

Occasionally, the answers are sometimes a little clearer or literally border on a miracle. Then you are lucky, because it is much easier to perceive them.

However, it doesn’t matter what your answer looks like. It is important that you feel a resonance within you. Because then, the interpretation of the sign is very easy: You feel inside what is right and what your Inner Goddess or your Inner God wants to tell you.

Now, it is only important that you follow the messages you have received, ever further and over again. By giving your deepest inside, your divine original core, your highest human trust, you will get better and better tuned into the right communication channel over time.

Do you still believe in coincidences?

And what does it mean if you keep seeing numbers like 11:11 on the clock or 222 in the locker key in the swimming pool? Or if you keep seeing strange coincidences that are so unlikely that there simply has to be an inner connection?

All of these are small and large messages from your own Higher Self. Sometimes, it actually creates something in the material world, but mostly it just directs your attention to the right place at the right moment.

In this way, your Inner God or Inner Goddess shows you: Talk to me! I am here, you can receive my signs and wonders. Stay alert and (super) conscious and we can talk.

If you can say “Thank you!” for each of these “coincidences” or synchronicities, then you are showing yourself appreciation. That is practised self-love, more precisely, Higher Self-love!

Your Inner Goddess and your Inner God, they will love you back.



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