Wake up… You are living in a dream of a dream of a dream…

When we dream, we are usually in a closed bubble of consciousness.

We discover a strange world, experience the craziest things and feel our being and our environment there as completely normal and real. We forgot that at the same time we are lying under a duvet, and will be getting up in a bit to start our day in the so-called waking world (which we also find real).

However, this bubble of dream consciousness is not completely closed. When our physical body hears a sound, we perceive it, but we interpret it differently. We are often quite creative in directly incorporating what we have heard into our dream events.

At some point, we wake up and if we can still remember the dream, then we will probably brush aside what we have experienced with “Oh, it was just a dream!”

Waking up in a dream

With special techniques and some training, it is possible to wake up in a dream, so to become fully conscious. One then speaks of a lucid dream.

And it feels wonderful! Suddenly the whole (dream) world is open to you.

You don’t like the surroundings in your dream? Then you can adjust them according to your mood, so to speak with a snip of your fingers, i.e. only with your intention.

Do you want to fly or walk through walls? No problem, feel free! Do you want to have passionate (and safe) sex with whoever? Then enjoy it.

Anything is possible in a fully lucid dream.

You can even remember which problem you just wanted to solve in your so-called waking life in order to look for creative solutions in your dream environment.

Your consciousness bubble becomes permeable.

Waking up in life

Do you think your so-called waking life is real? The saints and sages of our world have told us for millennia that we live in a kind of dream bubble, that we are more than just body, mind and a handful of feelings. We only need to wake up, remember, and we would see that we are so much more.

Our scientists are gradually getting the hang of this as well, especially the quantum physicists. They can prove that there is neither space nor time.

But we don’t believe it until we experience it ourselves.

Healer & Creator gives you an immediate experience of being so much more than just a physical body.

By regularly practicing this energetic technique, whether physically, as described in my book You are Healer and Creator, or internally, only with your breath and your intention, as I show in Blissful Ecstasy (soon to be translated in english): Healer & Creator gives you deep inner experiences of the energetic world.

The energetic world is beyond the physical, and it feels just as real.

This means, that you are also in a consciousness bubble in your waking life.

Also this bubble is semi-permeable. If you learn to listen and correctly interpret the signs and miracles (synchronicities), then you come into contact with your Higher Self, which stands above these worlds of creation and wants to guide you to wake up.

Keep practicing Healer & Creator.

Listen to your Higher Self.

Have trust.

Little by little, you wake up as if from a dream and realize: You are truly a Healer and a Creator.

But in the end, no linguistic definition can describe who you really are.

As a human being, you are living in a dream of a dream of a dream…

You strip off the onion peels of consciousness, one by one.

At some point you will feel it: Two perfect poles unite deeply inside of you.

You are a God. And you are a Goddess.

You just need to remember.

The onion peels of consciousness


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