How to Develop Your Creativity

Whether for work or as a hobby: Most people want to be more creative. Many even look almost jealous at other artists (or life artists). They compare themselves to them, and then find themselves not creative enough.

But creativity is not really something you really “carry in yourself”, because the best ideas do not come from you!

As the old yogis have been telling us for millennia and the quantum physicists have been telling us for several decades, we are surrounded by the so-called Sea of Possibilities, a world-spanning network that consists of pure creativity.

In this Idea Cloud, so to speak, you can find the seeds for every idea, every new project and every possible future change.

Our task as a creative person is then, with a kind of “inner antenna“, to plug into this Sea of Possibilities and to receive exactly the right puzzle pieces that we need for our next great idea.

With the help of our consciousness (which is not in the brain, by the way, but also in a kind of cloud), we then recombine the received idea particles with our own previously collected idea particles (our personal memories and experiences) – and voilá: a new creative idea is born.

So to develop your creativity, you need exactly two things:

  1. A high-powered inner antenna to fish for matching idea puzzle pieces from the Sea of Possibilities.
  2. A human consciousness that likes to puzzle together new combinations of old and new particles.

Luckily you can train both! ?

How do I clean my inner idea antenna?

As a human, you have the wonderful gift of being able to connect with subtle energy spheres from the Sea of ​​Possibilities. But, as with almost everything in life: If you use your inner antenna too little, then it withers. You should therefore nurture and care for this inner receiving station as much as possible. And above all, use it!

To connect with the all-encompassing Cloud of Ideas, it is often enough just to stop and close your eyes for a moment. Maybe you like listening to a relaxing music or a guided meditation? Or you just sit there, watch your breath and open yourself to everything that surrounds you (whether visible or perceptible).

Consuming a small amount of cannabis (though much better oral than smoked) also helps many artists and creative people to connect intensively to their energetic environment.

And then of course you can also use the energetic technique Healer and Creator to polish your inner antenna to a high gloss and make it much more receptive! In a special online workshop “Creative Development of Your Projects” I show you exactly how it works.

Even with the basic technique of Healer and Creator, you regularly cleanse your inner energy centers (chakras) and with them your general readiness to receive the energetic puzzle pieces that abundantly “float around” you at any time.

The beauty of this Sea of Possibilities: It is created holographically. So it does not matter where you log in to this Idea Cloud. You have unlimited access to all existing energetic idea particles from every point. These are more ideas particles than you would ever need for your life. And if you should miss one, you just create a new one yourself. You are creator!

How do I train my combination skills?

After receiving new puzzle pieces from the Sea of ​​Possibilities, it is now necessary to match the catched particles with our previous personal experiences and memories, and then recombine them.

You can train your personal ability to find combinations in many ways. Let’s start with the well-known puzzle game. When was the last time you put together a puzzle with 3,000 pieces? By puzzling for hours and trying out the many different peaces with each other, this process deeply sinks into your subconscious mind. From there, this program will automatically take action the next time you sit down to a new puzzle of ideas! Maybe you would like to pick a nice puzzle motif right away?

Many brain-jogging exercises can also help you to use and train certain combination skills. So, even sudoku apps or sudoku booklets fulfill a deeper meaning. Remember: What you don’t use, withers. What you train grows.

The best way to try new combinations, of course, is to give your creativity more room in your life. Spend an afternoon or an entire day every now and then, and for a few hours, focus on just finding and combining new idea particles for a very special project of yours.

The more times you can spend time on this process, the more susceptible you become to more ideas and the better you can put them together to create new, more brilliant creative ideas. You are creator!


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