Why Chakra Healing is So Important

You are so much more than just this physical body! ? You also have an energy body, and with it come seven luminous and beautifully sparkling energy centers or chakras that constantly transform energies from the energetic world into the physical world and back for you.

These chakras are run and controlled by the power of our emotions and feelings. When we feel many bad things, the chakra has a different colour and appearance and it produces a different kind of energy than when we feel many loving and uplifting things.

If our goal as a human being in this life is the Great, Inner Growth, the developing and becoming a better and more loving human, then one of our goals should also be to constantly heal and cleanse our chakras.

Only with perfectly harmonized and fortified chakras can we pull the energies from the lower three chakras (which control our emotions) up to the fourth chakra.

Because the heart chakra is a very important switching point. From here on, we are no longer just dealing with emotions (as in the first three chakras), now we are working with emotions. For example, the feeling of unconditional love. The feeling of inner peace. Or the feeling of truth.

When we open our heart chakra, we not only feed it with our gift of deep, inner (self) love, but it also maintains the concentrated powers of the lower three chakras (unless they are energetically blocked somewhere!).

So if you want to feel deep, burning love (first in yourself, and then in your life as well), you should, if possible, have well understood and pacified the inner emotional themes of the lower three chakras. These are, for example: anger and rage (1st chakra), worries and addictions (2nd chakra) or even fears and powerlessness (3rd chakra).

In addition, we should feel sufficiently strengthened in the areas of: safety and security (first chakra), happiness and sexuality (2nd chakra) and courage and self-confidence (3rd chakra). Only when we have found an inner peace with these highly emotional topics, true and deeply honest, even unconditional love can develop (4th chakra).

This is not yet the end of the upward journey for our emotional and spiritual energies, but often the most important turning point in personal life. From here, we work with the clearly “subtler” feelings and try to bring them into inner harmony.

The more we succeed in transforming our inner energies from the bottom up, the further we will evolve as human beings. “Upward” is not by chance the natural growth direction of the vast majority of plants in this world. So: drink water (to transform the emotions) and grow up! Develop yourself! Unfold yourself! ?

And here, too, the famous “positive thinking” suddenly makes sense. The idea behind it is: Do we prefer to focus on the negative, burdensome side of an event … and thus pull our inner subtle energies down as well? Or we instinctively try to find a positive or educational site that we would like to study more closely so that this positive side can continue to grow and mature.

So, try to always focus on the upward movement. Fill your heart chakra with lots and lots of energy from the power of your first three chakras. This will open up your heart and make it easy to love yourself fully.


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