Shadow work with tarot

On the way back to yourself, you will have to deal with your personal shadow parts sooner or later. These are inner feelings in you that you may not like so much about yourself, which you may even be afraid of.

A disregarded or even suppressed shadow can develop into a split off personality part.

If you are looking for holistic inner health, then your shadow deserves to be respected and lovingly integrated into your inner self. I personally use a special additional application for Healer & Creator, this way I work energetically and in a very direct way with my own shadow.

Tarot cards can help you to become more aware of your shadow parts. In addition, with the help of Tarot you can ask specific questions to your Higher Self in order to bring previously hidden or repressed aspects into your daily consciousness or also to show you possible solutions.

Let us assume, that you are confronted with a quality of another person that seems negative to you. In response, for example, you may feel annoyed, angry, sad, or have the feeling of being manipulated.

Other people are always a mirror of our own inner worlds, so it would make sense to ask the tarot what this person could have to do with your inner shadow.

Are there parts of you that are angry, angry, sad or manipulative?

Is your learning task in this confrontation how you can either live out such moments of emotion more openly or how you can transform them into love and peace instead?

And how could you achieve this in concrete terms?

Your tarot cards will know the answer to these and other questions if you profoundly tune into your topic beforehand and then ask your Higher Self to draw the right card(s) for you.

As I have already written in another article, it is very important that when you read an explanatory text for your tarot card questions you pay close attention to your inner reactions and perceive every little emotion in you.

When working with your inner shadow parts, this honesty with yourself is even more crucial, after all, these parts are called like that because they are hidden most of the time.

Without the professional help of a therapist or coach, you will only be able to find and work on some dark aspects of your personality with extreme and relentless sincerity.

You are a healer and creator, and everything that is currently in the way wants to be lovingly transformed. The more you work on yourself in this way, the better you get to know yourself and the more energetic blockages you can solve that hinder you on your way.


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