Simple tarot spreads with three cards

There are, of course, hundreds of tarot spreads out there. I personally prefer it to be simple and clear, because I don’t want to read five or six different interpretations to get an answer from my Higher Self.

That’s why I usually only draw a single tarot card.

But of course, it depends on the type of question. Some problem areas and solutions are too complex to be comprehensively described with just one card.

I have also had the experience that with several oracle or tarot cards uncovered, it is seductively easy to get more internally involved with that card, of which the interpretation and answer might have been secretly desired.

Honesty with yourself is crucial, so drawing and understanding tarot cards often takes courage.

For simple yes/no or A/B decision questions, I like to draw two cards, one for each option. The tarot shows me what happens if I follow the respective path.

Tarot spreads with three cards give you answers that are more complex.

Which model you want to use depends again on your type of question.

Here some suggestions:

(1) The past. (2) The present. (3) The future.

(1) Wrong way? (2) Right way? (3) What does it do?

(1) What speaks for it? (2) What speaks against it? (3) What happens if I don’t do anything?

(1) What is important for me? (2) What is important to my partner? (3) What common basis do we have?

(1) What is it really about? (2) What should I do? (3) What does it do?

How to ask your question(s) correctly and how you then draw and interpret the tarot cards, I have already described in another article.

The interpretation of your drawn tarot cards will of course be a little more complex with several cards. The cards no longer stand on their own, but there are always inner connections between them.

One card influences the interpretation of the other, and vice versa. Always trust your heart here, and again, be as honest with yourself as you can.

And when it comes to the practical implementation of the answer in your personal life, please never forget: you are a healer and you are a creator! Don’t underestimate yourself. Your Higher Self can accompany and guide you on the way if you open yourself to it, if you appreciate it in your life and welcome it.


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