Why oracle and tarot cards work – if you draw them yourself!

A friend recently asked me if I would believe in tarot cards.

I replied, that it depends on whether someone else draws the cards for me or whether I do it myself.

I don’t want to make the fortune tellers and clairvoyant oracles of the world unemployed. But I know that I can trust my Higher Self. If I tune in well beforehand, IT will draw the card(s) for me. And then the answer is right.

Your Higher Self can do that for you too. If you let it …

In order for this to work well and not just to draw random random tarot cards, you need to be in good contact with your Higher Self. Get into a personal relationship with it and it will guide you better than anyone else can.

Your Higher Self is omniscient, because it contains a holographic image of the entire universe. It knows all of your problems, worries, bad habits, and blockages, and knows exactly how to get out of these inconveniences.

Your Higher Self cannot walk the path for you, because only through active doing can you learn on your way to yourself what has to be learned …

In the end, you always have to use your free will to advance internally.

But it always knows the way for your best possible development very well.

It can be imagined, like an electronic navigation system, that when turning at the wrong intersection immediately calculates which route leads most gracefully from the new position to the destination.

Build a good relationship with your Higher Self

The more personal and loving your relationship with the Higher Self, the better and clearer the answers to your questions will be.

So, it is a good idea to personalize your Higher Self. If you like the idea, just call it your Inner Goddess or Inner God. You have both parts in you, the female (Yin) and the male (Yang), and the harmonization is necessary and very healing.

If you want, you can ask some questions to your Inner God and other questions to your Inner Goddess. Do it the way it feels right for you.

Before you ask a question, feel deep inside your heart. Sometimes it helps, to put both hands on top of each other over the heart, because your subtle energies always flow to where you have your awareness.

You can also practice a few rounds of Healer & Creator first to calm yourself down and gather your energies and consciousness.

Feel inside… and then think and feel your question. You can put it in a short sentence, or you can imagine a situation that you would like to experience in your life.

For decision questions, for example, you can visualize the crossroad you are currently standing at. You want to take a step forward, but is it better to go left or right? And are there any other ways you don’t know about yet?

Feel inside of yourself … and then draw the oracle or tarot card that touches you the most.

Sometimes I look at it with my eyes, at other times I try to feel the card with my opened hand. I often take one of those that looks out a little when you fan out the cards. Because my Inner Goddess and my Inner God are clever. Of course, they already know the answer to my question before I have even asked it.

The meaning of the drawn tarot card

To interpret your tarot card, take a close look at it first. What do you see? What do you feel?

Try not to consult your logical mind right away. First, try to feel the wisdom of the card inside you, while leaving a very specific answer to your question open for a while.

If you are not already a tarot professional, the next thing you need is one (or two) written interpretations, preferably from a person whose words you really understand and can also empathize with.

A long time ago, I found this tarot interpretation by Jan Shepherd that works wonderfully for me. The second page for each card description is always particularly interesting: Working with the card.

If you search for “tarot card meaning” in a search engine, you will quickly find a variety of texts and you can choose your own personal favorites.

Read the text and pay close attention to how you react to the words as you read them.

Because the written meaning does not always match your question 100 percent. But every interpretational text causes an emotion in you that you can perceive.

Above all, honesty with yourself is required.

Otherwise, only your human ego will listen to the words that it would most like to hear as an answer … And then it will not necessarily be the one you really need. And probably not the one that your Higher Self, Inner Goddess or Inner God wants to show you.

See it as a test of whether you prefer to follow your selfish goals in the answer, or whether you are really ready to open yourself to the deeper truth.

Because if you read the truth and feel it in yourself, and your personal interpretation of the card’s meaning feels really good, then you can also trust your feeling and continue on this path!

And if there are any uncertainties, you can always draw another card.


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