Spiraling into Avatar Consciousness

(This is just one perspective of many that may be perceived as true and correct at the same time).

Sometimes I look for ways to consciously throttle down my light and my frequencies. This has its purpose, because in the last weeks everything sometimes became too much, too fast, too intense for me.

If I may believe what I had seen and experienced repeatedly in my shamanic ceremonies and inner processes of the last months, it was my gradual overcoming of the last fears of my own inner light. It has already brought me to intense and long purging, shaking and trembling. Before, I had never believed that we could have such great fear of our own perfection and divinity.

When we travel far enough within and open our heart wide enough, when our ego-personality is allowed to fade into the background and we dive completely into our Avatar-frequency (angelic humans: into our archangel-frequency), then the inner longing stops. Then we are there. I then dive into the frequency of the Babaji family, the master of the teacher (Lahiri Mahasaya) of the teacher (Sri Yukteswar) of my teacher (Paramhansa Yogananda).

From my perspective, each of us is part of an Avatar or Archangel or other primal family, and with us are many other souls. We are all together a Babaji family if we feel closest to that frequency, although we might never call ourselves a single soul with the highest name of the primal frequency. We are a coloring, a particular frequency range of a divine, loving, light-filled and perfect primal family soul.

Other souls intuitively feel more connected to other Avatar or Archangel families, they are drawn there, whether to Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Uriel or Metatron.

We descend from these primordial families of divinity and there we go again. Concretely this means: We become (again) Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Uriel or Metatron, but in our own personal coloring. I perceive the Nils-Babaji or also the DaNaNĂ­-Babaji, depending on the perspective angle taken. We are many. Other souls will perceive the Klaus-Dieter-Babaji or the Sarah- or Miriam-Babaji or Canela-Gaia-Babaji and one day become this, whether in this life, in the in-between or in the next.

We are allowed to become who we are.

Time then no longer exists, only perfect synchronization. Polarity exists, but we are “above” it, bringing it into ongoing balance with our perceptions and being. In these moments, our entire universe is waiting for us to decide where we want to grow: Will we go to our innermost heart core, will we turn inward, or will we give our powers to our outside?

Our outside is also our inside, only a reflection. We recognize the WE ARE that emerges from the I AM.

Deviations from our innermost center are intuitively shown to us so that we can always move back to the heart center. Sometimes the universe even uses loud car horns or other sounds, whether heard in 3D, the “third ear” or the sixth sense, to show us that we are just swinging too far from the center and should keep the spiral tighter. Or we experience another “cosmic coincidence”, specifically directed at us.

This center of heart becomes the center of our entire multiverse. Everything exists only out of us. We become the world creator or world destroyer, our frequencies and higher conscious emotions decide the path we take. When we breathe, our entire multiverse breathes.

Once newborn and back

But the experiences we have had once or even several times in our own body alone do not make us healers and creators in the flesh. Next comes life and asks for integration, clarification and further deepening. The most different human emotions come, one after the other, to ask us: How do we build such experiences suitably into our world and life view?

The experienced frequencies want to be held in the ups and downs. We are tested internally, often by self-created scenes and situations. We dream them into our own waking dream life so that we can grow from them.

Our doubts also come, again and again, whispering to us: Ha! Surely it was all imaginary! It’s certainly only your spiritual ego, which rebels and doesn’t want to give up so quickly. It is only hiding as a shadow part, showing you exactly the illusions you need to believe in. You surely follow a completely wrong light….

An ego exhausted to the extreme would also fit my extravagant wish: I become a star. I give birth to the lightful and loving star seed of Mother Gaia and become a new, multi-dimensional celestial body.

This requires a level of nonduality, because only from this innermost, centered point can we hold together the forces of a multidimensional universe.

We could also say, this is as far as an ego can grow, right? 😉

And yet, in these moments of physical co-experience of the higher dimensions, my heart was as wide open as it has ever been: because I want to grow inward and not outward. An ego can then only be perceived remotely as a shadow, like a dream within a dream that we call human life.

My love ignites a strong light, I try to get used to the intensity step by step. This is not always easy, so I consciously seek my time to pause and integrate, in order to continue my path of growth directly afterwards with new strength and courage.

Before I want to become a star (maybe in 50 years or so?), I want to do one more of my “remembered” tasks in this life and offer my gift of a great friendship, with the highly conscious beings who have not let us grow for a long time, who wanted to “protect” us.

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