Why I publish my books for free in the future

A writer without readers is like a harbor without ships, my North German inner share would say. These days, an author has a hard time making a living from his or her works, as the general availability of print-on-demand book printing and digital copyability brings with it.

On top of that, my words aren’t very popular with tech companies right now. My range was throttled, just as I had already perceived it as a “memory” of the future in three recurring dreams a few years ago. So I was able to watch quite calmly when it happened, although I had of course visualized something else.

It’s part of the story that people like me are technically throttled down first to the point where their visibility and sales are cut in half again and again. That’s okay, I tell myself, it had to be that way so I could open up better!

Who knows whether I would have dared to write down many an inner truth otherwise. And perhaps I would not have made my works available to everyone. So the throttling was also my secret assistant!

In order to acquire more readers, I have to do marketing, or so trumpets an entire industry. And what if I don’t feel like doing marketing for my work again and again, to be ahead of the others in the most clicked keywords, so that I can get a few more book customers?

I have done marketing for too long in my life. I’ve grown tired of fighting against the others, of asserting myself on the market and standing my ground. That’s why I switched to the more modest writing room a few years ago, so that I wouldn’t have to follow precisely this pressure for ever better marketing.

Authors are artists, artists are free.

So I prefer to give away my writing for free to interested readers little by little and trust that the money flow will work out well naturally in the end.

I can trust it because I give from my heart, and not because of a profit motive. This is exactly why the universe will find ways and people who want to give back their gratitude, be it monetarily or in sharing and recommending articles and texts, or by offering help in one way or another.

Here are the first books that can already be read online for free:

My latest books (such as Hooray, I’m Human! Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH) for singles and couples) I am also starting to publish with the Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 4.0.

That’s one more step braver.

With this, I even grant my readers the right to freely copy and distribute the entire work, even commercially it may be used in its complete form (hoping and imagining, of course, it comes from the heart and not from greed).

Maybe someone might translate one or the other book into another language and sell it there as a paperback, why not? Alone and without rigorous marketing, I would not have the chance to publish in Italy, Poland, Czech Republic or maybe even once in distant countries that I have traveled with the backpack? Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Costa Rica,…

A book publication in Costa Rica would not be at all so ponderous for me because of the Spanish language, but my own knowledge is unfortunately not sufficient, it is more or less okay in English, and that I translate at present already myself, very sluggishly, because I find little time for it.

What I wish for…

If you like my works, I would be very happy about personally written book reviews on Amazon. This helps me a lot as an author, because most buyers decide which books to order based on these reviews. The big publishers have it a little easier with their high-volume print runs than an individual author.

If you would like to translate my books into your native language, please contact me.

If you like my writing, please share it with your friends.

You can also support me monthly on Patreon or once with PayPal. With a little bit of project money I could maybe realize short animated videos of single book chapters together with some painting and animation artists. I have paused this only for time reasons at the moment, but it would be a wonderful idea.

Give what you may.

Many thanks!

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