Take personal responsibility for YOUR universe

Whether you see yourself more as an ascending Gaia human, an angelic human, or a star human, once your frequencies reach a certain strength, you become the creator of your own universe. In the past, this involved a lot of effort, spiritual practice and hours of meditation. In the New Era, Gaia now enables us to have this experience much more directly and immediately.

It has always been important what we feel and think. Gaia has always responded to our individual thoughts, feelings, frequencies and colors. We were served by her exactly the people and challenges in our lives that best suited our current stage of development.

Our spirit guides help us and with Gaia’s help we create the situations and synchronicities we need for our next steps. When we learn to trust, we can go with the flow. We only need to look very closely, to listen, to feel: What does Gaia (the Universe, God, Source,…) want to offer us? And what does our decision look like, how do we react to an offer?

Are you a master at painting your life badly?

Recently a dear angelic human wrote and spoke to me in detail about what is going wrong in her life, how she is being manipulated, what is all bad, who is all to blame. No, these are not imaginings. She is absolutely right. This is all really happening in her life, it is a waking dream in our waking dream world (aka “reality”), but in the third dimension it feels very, very real!

Pain is “real”, we can feel it, so it is real to us. How else are we supposed to name it when it feels really bad? From another perspective, nevertheless, everything is maya, everything is illusion, everything is just dreamed. The dreams are only condensed to the point that they have become material.

In this waking dream world, there is an important realization to explore, but it cannot be learned through words; it can only ever be experienced for oneself. If we send something negative, harmful or hurtful out of us, no matter if we do it carelessly because of our learned patterns and traumas, if we consciously insult or if we are afraid of something, as soon as we radiate this frequency into Gaia’s world, she reacts to it with matching frequencies.

Gaia has to react in this way. It is our wish, so to speak, and she follows it as well as she can in her gigantic field of consciousness. She gives us exactly what we radiate so that we can grow in her world in the best possible way.

People we meet seemingly “by chance”, but also spirit beings or energetic and partly only semi-conscious attachments come to us because of our special vibration and frequency. They accompany our process, and partly “feed” energetically from us.

With parasitic energetic attachments, it is usually the case that they want to keep us in the frequency in which we are at the moment, for the devil’s sake (little joke). Of course, otherwise they would have to look for a new host, which is perhaps a bit laborious, if now more and more people wake up.

Addicted people are particularly affected and afflicted. Physical addictions include cravings for sugar and white flour products, for example. Mental addictions include consuming anxiety-provoking, petty or internally hurtful media.

On the other hand, is it all peace, joy and happiness?

It is not so easy to adjust our own language, thinking and feeling and the whole of our own inner experience in such a way that we no longer serve as a magnet of negativity, but instead become a positive magnet. Simply THINKING POSITIVE often leads more to repression.

Our inner shadow parts can be our greatest situation magicians. They create our lives until we perceive them and work through them. More about this in my book: Multidimensional Evolution. Energetic Shadow Work and Dark Retreat (not yet published in English).

Things change quite immediately the further we go along the path in a growth-promoting and healing direction. We are not served less challenges from Gaia than before, but their vibrational octave usually increases, they are no longer so materially experienceable with time.

We feel more and more how every situation in our life can be used for learning, and how everything that happens makes a deeper sense, and specifically in our personal universe, as long as we just keep following the tracks laid out.

A few hours ago, a client canceled who had booked an individual session with me to change her perspective on creation. At first I was a bit disappointed about the cancellation, because I thought I could support her well in her reorientation. But then this text emerged from this circumstance, and thus I can help many more people than just one soul. 🙂 The small example shows, I also create the situations as I need them for my growth.

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