We humans and our multidimensional thinking machine

A well-known “problem” of many people (especially also of many angelic humans) is that they far too often stay in their head. They love and adore their mind computer because it has often led them to a certain expert status in one direction or another and they are very grateful to it for that.

Angelic humans are often masters of their minds because they didn’t have an instruction manual. They came into this world and into this human body with their WE and angel consciousness, and then there was this multidimensional thinking machine to master. A challenge befitting an angel.

Angelic humans also do not bring with them the old karmic and socially inherited thought rules and limitations of the ascenders, they come with a clear concept of their oneness with light and love and see what can somehow be transported from that in their lives with understanding and good communication.

But sometimes I think it is better to let the mind rest. I write this because of course I also know these moments in which my mind does not want to calm down and wants to offer me all kinds of creative and calculated things. But in an eye gazing meditation I succeed every time to let the mind rest, because I dive into another magic.

In a private conversation it came up that during an eye gazing meditation it is very difficult for us to interpret which of the arising feelings, images or perceptions come from our own inner being, which parts we get mirrored in the looking counterpart or which ones might have nothing to do with us at all and only come from the other.

But in these moments of intense eye gazing meditation I usually interpret nothing, I just look deeply into the eyes and feel. Maybe I interpret whether I rather see an inner wall or whether I see opening and maybe even love.

And when I can feel the loving connection with the other human being, then I take full self-responsibility over my inner perceptions. I relate these to myself and to us in the compound.

I then simply feel, allow and sense. My head then has a break. I feel myself, I feel my perceptions and when the other eyes are loving, then I feel my holy unity with this person. That’s all I need at that moment.

If you want to try it out for yourself, here’s a video I recorded about it. In the beginning it has some explanation in German. You could turn subtitles and automatic translation on or you just relax and look into the eyes…

Eye Gazing Challenge

Will you join in and record a video of yourself like this? Sit down and relax and look directly into the camera lens for as long as you like. You can then upload the video to YouTube. If you want, you can add the link to this page for explanation.

If you send me a message by email or via Facebook, I can also embed your video here on the blog. So other people can see you as well. Do we meet and find the core of the encounter?

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