When do you want to open and when to close?

One of the most important decisions in everyday life is whether you want to open or close your inside, i.e. your chakras, in certain situations.

Most people don’t think about it much. It just happens, they let their programs run unconsciously.

But that is also a decision. In this article I want to inspire you to consciously decide to open and close your chakras in the future.

Why it is good when your chakras are open

When you open up, you are in tune with your surroundings. You exchange energies and consciousness with the world around you and also with other people.

If you are in a place that is healing for yourself, if you are with people who are good for you internally, then this is a very good decision.

Because just as the plants communicate with their roots in the soil, exchange nutrients with each other or enter into helpful partnerships with other plants, bacteria, fungal spores, etc., you as a human need this exchange with your surroundings and with other living beings and people.

We are so proud of our modern economic system. But from a very young age, in our self-created social system, we are already programmed to see ourselves separately from everything, to compete with other people and to act as rulers over nature.

This is not helpful for our inner development. We can only grow internally through a loving exchange with our surroundings. And for that you need open chakras.

Why it is sometimes better when your chakras are closed

Not everything in the world around you is healthy or helpful for you. We are surrounded by acoustic and energetic noise. There is visible and invisible clutter and dirt.

There is also a lot of stress, agitation and tight deadlines. And there are people who are trapped in the harmful chaos who therefore also spread negative feelings and energies themselves.

If you open yourself too far in such a world and at the same time are not strong enough to keep this turbulence away from you, you will be damaged.

Many channel the received negative energies and direct them directly into their surroundings. They poison, mock, scold, condemn and thereby infect other people. A vicious circle of negative energies arises, which draws more and more souls into a downward vortex.

And at some point your inside reacts instinctively and closes itself out of pure self-protection. Sometimes this happens only gradually. Every day a little more. At some point you realize that you are no longer the same person and that you have difficulty opening your heart.

If you can no longer open your inner self enough, it will be difficult for you to feel bubbling joy and deep love within you.

Maybe you will get depressed at some point. Perhaps you are trying to combat the slowly slipping process with self-medication, for example with alcohol (I know it’s bad!) or with sugar (I know it’s bad too!).

Or you stuff tons of “simple” carbohydrates into your sacred body temple – that’s not much better, because during the chemical digestion process your body also converts them into simple sugar. In the long run, this also makes you sick, lets you age prematurely and makes you even more depressed.

That is why it can be beneficial for you if you learn to be able to open or close your chakras at any time depending on the location and situation.

Whenever you notice that the energies around you are not doing you good and are not helping you on your personal path of development, you can simply close your inner gates.

You can then rest in yourself, stay centered within yourself.

And as soon as you feel strong enough, you open up again. And please don’t forget to open up again.

Self-determination is practised self-love

If you make mostly unconscious decisions about opening and closing your chakras, you will get through life quite well. But if you learn to take control, if you steer your chakras on your own responsibility, then that is practised self-love.

Open yourself when you relax, enjoy and heal, or when you want to do good to other people.

Shut down if you need retreat and protection for a while. And do this with the knowledge that you can open yourself again at any time as soon as you feel ready.

In this way, you show yourself respect and love, because you actively take care of yourself, your needs and your best possible inner development.

Now, some readers will find this terribly selfish. But you can still give as much of yourself to other souls as you see fit. You can even give much more than you are used to when it comes from a strong inner position of responsibility and self-love.

Anything else would be masochism, the opposite of self-love.

If you hurt yourself, or if you consciously or unconsciously agree that other people or your life situations can hurt you, then you are not in your full strength, then you cannot be the best version of yourself, and therefore also contribute significantly less to the healing and growth of other people.

And that could be called selfish! ?

Please take good care of yourself and, as a healer and creator, take responsibility in which moments you open wide and when you want to close yourself for a short time.


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