Why Affirmations often don’t Work

Why use affirmations?

Affirmations are short, positively formulated sentences that are intended to bring about a change in your life through repeated inner recitation.

Many people appreciate this quick and easy technique of self-transformation, for example, to bring more self-esteem or more wealth into their lives.

Often, however, affirmations are used quite incorrectly: then they either do nothing or even the opposite of what was desired.

The problem with affirmations

If you just repeatedly recite every day, “I’m beautiful!” or “I am rich!”, but you do not believe in it and you do not feel that way, then you will not draw self-esteem or wealth into your life, but instead you underline with the affirmation exactly the lack of these qualities in you – and thus continue to draw the lack of these qualities into your life!

Maybe now you say to yourself: “Of course I believe what I affirm!”, But it’s not that simple. Sometimes there is also a very small voice whispering in the background: “Oh, that doesn’t work anyway!”, Or: “You don’t deserve it!”, Or maybe very nasty: “Take a look in the mirror, then you know why you can’t do it! “

Everyone has their own little “monster” voices. And you can not just drown them out with a few positively worded affirmations.

How your affirmations really work

If your affirmations are to work, then you must first evoke the intense, inner feeling as if you had already achieved what you desire. The more intense you can feel this, the better.

And that’s exactly where the hook lies. For how can you feel something that you have not (yet) achieved? Luckily, the solution is quite simple.

A good actor is always particularly believable when he immerses completely into the role to play and fills it from the inside out. Likewise, with the help of your imagination, you can place yourself in the role of yourself in the future.

Your future exists as a mental image in your mind, and you can retrieve it just as you do with the images of the past (= memories).

You do not have to fool yourself in imagining your future, and you do not have to suppress that you have not reached what you want. Just imagine that you are already where you would like to be. Feel as intense as possible how you would feel then.

Real affirmation professionals will connect this image in the future with a temporal idea: Will you feel that way in a year? Or in three months? It does not take a precise date, but maybe you can have an intuitive feeling for the approximate time.

And if you already empathize with your future, then in your imagination, you should be grateful that you have achieved what you wanted to accomplish. The feeling of gratitude brings you momentary inner relaxation and enhances the feeling of having truly “arrived”.

What happens then?

When you speak your affirmations out of this feeling in the future, they can also be accepted by your deep inner self. And then, when your inner self realizes that you have not got there in your life, as you have already felt intensely, then it will do everything in its power to get there.

This inner power is huge! If we feel our inner goal as intense as if we had already reached it, then we can actually move proverbial mountains.

Your inner self communicates day and night with your environment. It may show you signs and symbols to help you find ways to reach your destination. It telepathically sends targeted, appropriate thoughts and ideas to the people in your environment. And it creates situations that bring you closer to your goal step by step.

How your affirmations work even more intense

I also use this inner goal concept in the energetic technique of Healer and Creator, which I developed.

Through a small variation of the H&C Energy Flow Technique, you integrate your imagined target feeling directly into your personal energy field, and you can feel it there intensively.

This will make you a true creator of your life. You can consciously dissolve what you do not like and create things in your life that you would like to experience more.

If you do not know my technique of Healer and Creator yet, then you can learn and practice this wonderful energy and healing technique now – for free!


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