Ground yourself and experience inner stability

All of this you can feel within you when you feel grounded: ? security ? confidence ? stability ? independence ?

A good grounding is the basis for your inner sense of security. When you feel safe, you automatically become more confident. You feel stable and independent. You accept your body and how you are connected to this world. And when you feel grounded, you can also experience a feeling of being cared for that no human or animal in this world could give you.

When practicing Healer & Creator you can already express a good connection to the earth with a particularly firm footing. That’s why in the H&C Energy Flow Exercise we always go a little bit into the knees with the weight, slightly springy, but very firm and stable. Like a tree that is well rooted.

If you have not tried Healer & Creator yourself yet, you can just find a body posture that symbolizes a strong standing for you. Just stand there in the middle of your room. Like a tree. Strong grown and well grounded.

A tree! That means you only have to imagine yourself standing as a steady tree, and you automatically feel all the good attributes and qualities of a powerful tree: security, confidence, stability, independence!

So you feel and experience all the positive qualities of your root chakra when you think of a tree!

And actually, you know exactly how a tree feels like. If this story of reincarnation is really true … then we were not just other people, and before that giraffes, cats and insects … then we were also plant consciousness (or Devas) and then someday also a tree spirit! ?

And as a tree spirit we knew exactly what it feels like to feel security, confidence, stability and independence! And of course, we also knew what it feels like to be safe. In this case, how it feels to give a feeling of security to a little person who has sheltered himself from the rain underneath our branches.

Let’s just use this ancient wisdom from within and just remember!


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