Distractions from the eternal Now

Anyone who has ever tried to become conscious in a dream (i.e.: lucid dreaming) knows how much energy, attention and hard work it takes to practice and experiment until you can finally make it and feel completely free in the dream world.

I can only say that it is always a wonderful experience and definitely worth the effort.

But why is it so difficult? There almost seems to be an invisible and very effective mechanism that prevents us from combining our moon consciousness (or: subconscious) with the sun consciousness (our rational-logical day consciousness) in order to get into a superconscious state.

Sometimes, you have just found a strange discrepancy in the dream and the proof is right in front of you: what just happened is so incredible, it can only be a dream!

And then something else happens in the ongoing story of your own dream world, you let yourself be distracted. Immediately you’re back in the middle of the unconscious world and let yourself be guided like a puppet from one dream event to the next.

The superconscious disappears and the moon consciousness takes control again. We feel passive, because the sun consciousness has nothing more to say and to report.

We then forgot that we could actually freely decide who or what we are dreaming of and in which environment we would like to experience this.

Sometimes, dreaming even feels a little bit like an acting double of us going through a story of its own accord.

We just watch the person and see how the actor plays in certain situations.

When we wake up in the morning, we often forget the dream within milliseconds, unless we have practiced giving more awareness to our dreams.

Is this mechanism of forgetting a seduction of consciousness? Should this world at best be kept secret forever?

Or do we just let ourselves be distracted from things far too quickly?

Then, we doubt and forget that with our free will we have an influence on whether we are guided by our moon consciousness or whether we prefer to take the wheel and take control with the help of our superconsciousness.

It is no different during the day

Either we perceive the moment of the eternal present with all our senses, our fullest attention and at the same time with a clearly perceptible connection to our deepest inside and the world around us. This could also be called lucid or superconscious life.

Or we give up a bit of our control, for example to our logical and rational sun consciousness. Then, maybe we lose our minds in the details of a conversation, or we follow the events on the television so closely that we forget everything else.

Instead, we can also give up control to our moon consciousness. This happens, for example, during daydreaming or during every passive habit or routine act.

But the decision is always up to us whether we want to experience our events consciously and wide awake or rather unconsciously and automatically.

For example, we can decide completely freely whether we would rather take time for our food and enjoy each bite fully awake and want to feel it with gratitude …

Or whether we sit in front of the television instead and let ourselves be distracted from our actually very important act of conscious food intake by a film or a series.

Here, of course, I write from my own experience. If one is controlled by such an unconscious and on several levels unhealthy habit, you do not understand what is really so bad about it.


There is no yesterday and no tomorrow

The idea of the linear passage of time is just a construct so that we can better find our way around in this world.

In reality, there is only the everlasting, eternal Now

In every moment of your life, you make an important decision: How consciously do you want to experience your Now? Is it all the same for you, and you let either your sun or your moon consciousness decide the course of the story?

Or do you want to feel yourself completely connected with your deepest inner being and with Everything That Is, while experiencing the present moment as intensely and sensually as possible?

If you can open yourself as far as possible and receive on all levels, and at the same time you have your mind and logic focused on a clear goal, then you are operating from a state of superconsciousness, the union of moon and sun consciousness.

There are of course many levels of superconsciousness. The more often and the more intensely you celebrate this inner marriage of your two types of consciousness, the higher levels you will be able to reach with your superconscious.

As above, so below, as inside, so outside

At night, during lucid dreaming, you can reach many different levels of free creation depending on your inner awareness.

During the day, it works the same way: the higher the level of your superconscious, the better your current abilities of energetic healing and creative creation in this material world.

Your connection to your Higher Self also becomes more intense and clearer with higher levels of superconsciousness.

In this way, you can be guided and lead on your spiritual path of development by your Inner Goddess and your Inner God better and better.

They can create signs and little wonders for you in the material world, synchronicities chained together, like a trail of breadcrumbs that you can easily follow.

Or you let yourself be distracted and lulled from the events around you, so that you forget the eternal present as well as your connection between the surrounding world and yourself. Then, life is a bit like a semi-automatic puppet game.

How do you want to experience your Now and what do you want to focus your attention on?

You decide this…

Now, and every moment of your life again.


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