Let’s Heal our Chakras: 1. Root Chakra

Position: from the beginning of the spine to just below the belly button
Colour: Vermilion red
Name in Sanskrit: Svadhisthana (“your own place”)
Topics: Security, self-assurance, stability, basic needs (food, sleep, shelter), financial independence, money, grounding, physical identity, comfort
Negative Topics: Fear, anger, hot temper, aggression, impatience, exhaustion

The root chakra is closest to the earth. Its functions are mainly concerned with grounding and physical survival.

The root chakra in disharmony

For example, if your root chakra is out of balance, it may manifest as excessive negativity and aggressiveness. Maybe then you are very quickly upset with people and situations. Behind such emotions is often a strong sense of insecurity and fear for one’s own life and survival.

You may also have feelings of greed as a direct response to the sense of inner insecurity. You are afraid of not having enough to live on and you are trying to protect yourself from it.

If the root chakra is too weak, you may feel little attachment to the material world. For some, this manifests itself in a poorly developed body sensation. Others report great difficulties in making decisions.

If you tie your daily routine very accurately to fixed (self-created) routines, or if you put an exaggerated emphasis on always correct clothing and appearance, this can be further evidence that you are looking for stability and security in the world, because your root chakra does not supply you enough with it.

Many people with an unbalanced root chakra have also acquired unhealthy eating habits, as these are subconsciously perceived as a support due to lack of self-confidence. This is especially true for heavy obesity, but can also be manifested in the form of another eating disorder.

Physically, a disturbed root chakra can for example be noticeable in the form of frequent indigestion, problems in the lower back or by hip pain. In addition, ovarian cysts can occur in women and prostate problems in men.

Even an overactive root chakra is in disharmony

People with a permanently overactive muladhara chakra express their imbalance with the world through overcompensation: very often, they try to dominate their environment.

Aggressive feelings and behaviors are then very common. The deep inner yearning for more security is sought through superiority over other people (or animals). This can then translate into excessive materialism, impulsiveness or harmful sexual promiscuity.

How was it in your childhood?

If you have experienced strong feelings of insecurity in early childhood, balancing the root chakra may require a good deal of inner work.

Maybe you had to move a lot from one place to another at a young age so you could not develop a real sense of a safe home. Or your parents had constant existential worries that you later unconsciously took on for you.

If you had to experience a lot of aggression and domination as a child, then maybe someone in your family had big problems with balancing their root chakra.

But especially when the origins of your disharmony are from so long ago, the healing and inner cleansing of your root chakra is even more worthwhile!

How to work on the topics of your root chakra

If you have felt personally addressed several times while reading the problems described above, then it is a very good idea for you to spend some time dealing with the issues of trust, acceptance and comfort.

If you like, write down in detail which themes of the first chakra touch you very intensively, with which aspects of your life you feel a great deal of insecurity.

It can be very good to record this once in writing, because it brings it out of your world of thought into the physical world and thereby often brings more clarity. And while you are writing, the right intuitive ideas on how to change areas in your life may already come up.

Some people also find support with self-help books that deal specifically with inner security and trust. Maybe you also want to try guided imagery or guided meditations to this topic.

Other methods of harmonization

To experience a deep sense of unity with the Earth, it is good to spend a lot of time in nature: gardening or hiking (barefoot?) can be a great help here.

You can also sit in a forest on the bare earth, put your palms on the ground and just feel your connectedness to the earth. Imagine a link that goes deep into the earth from your root chakra.

To find your balance with the root chakra, you can eat fruits and vegetables with red color (red apple, beetroot, red pepper). If you like spicy food, choose red cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce.

Or you eat more vegetables from the soil, especially carrots and potatoes. (Sweet potatoes, by the way, are significantly healthier than regular potatoes, and French fries and potato chips are not a good choice, of course, because of the unhealthy fats…)

Many opt for more red clothes and some women even use the red painting of their toenails as a salutary ritual.

Some wear matching gemstones on their skin or as a worry stone in their pockets: Garnet, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Yellow Topaz and Jasper work well.

Affirmations matching the root chakra: “I am connected to the earth. The earth gives me security and comfort. I trust my world and am at peace with the people and the things around me.”

How to heal your root chakra energetically

You can experience a very intensive cleansing and healing of your root chakra with the help of the Healer and Creator technique.

Already the (completely free!) basic technique of H&C lets you feel the inner connection with the earth and flushes a lot of subtle energy through your chakras.

In addition, I have developed a H&C supplemental application specifically for cleaning and healing the root chakra. In our annual group, we focus on healing our root chakra for a whole week using this add-on.

I must confess, I have never worked so in depth to cleanse and heal a single chakra. It is an extraordinary and intense experience!

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